6 wonderful lemon jasmine tea benefits

lemon jasmine tea benefits

Lemon jasmine tea is widely known as a safe beverage to consume daily. So, what are exactly lemon jasmine tea benefits? 


Lemon jasmine tea comes in a distinctive taste, flavor and liquor, which is the best choice for daily usage. Its delightful aroma can help you relax and improve your heart and overall health. In this article, FGC will introduce to you 6 wonderful lemon jasmine tea benefits. 

What is inside lemon jasmine tea?

Lemon jasmine tea is a great combination of jasmine blossoms, tea leaves and lemon extract. It is seen as a healthy beverage for everyone, with the sweet taste of jasmine flowers, the sour taste of lemon, and the characteristic acrid taste of the tea base. In general, lemon jasmine tea is considered a light and easy-to-drink beverage.   

Jasmine flower

Jasmine is a type of fragrant flower native to tropical and warm climate regions. Jasmine blossoms are collected from one kind of jasmine plant, jasminum officinale. Currently, jasmine in lemon jasmine tea is often one of two varieties of the jasmine plants: common jasmine and sampaguita. As a part of the olive family, jasmine blossoms have a sweet aftertaste with a fragrant scent. 


Lemon is the hybrid of original citron and lime and is one of the most popular citrus fruits in the world. Because of their sourness, they are rarely consumed whole or alone. Instead, lemons are usually used as a garnish with meals, with the juice frequently utilized to add a tart flavor to other foods and drinks. Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C, along with many other plant compounds, minerals, and essential oils. 

Tea leaves

Young tea leaves and leaf buds are harvested from the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. They have long been known for their health benefits and are a safe drink to enjoy everyday. Through the centuries, more varieties of tea have been formed, depending on the region, size, or manufacturing process. Today, Vietnam is one of the most well-known tea suppliers, with high-quality tea farms across the nation.

Lemon jasmine tea is a great combination of jasmine blossoms, tea leaves and lemon extract
Lemon jasmine tea is a great combination of jasmine blossoms, tea leaves and lemon extract

What are lemon jasmine tea benefits?

Made from ingredients with rich nutrients, lemon jasmine tea is packed with the following health benefits: 

Support weight loss

One of the significant lemon jasmine tea benefits is weight loss aid. It is because jasmine tea supports speeding up your metabolism, which means your body can process nutrients and macronutrients faster. It is researched and claimed that lemon jasmine tea might increase your metabolism by 4-5% and speed up fat burning by 10-16%. The fat-burning support is thanks to its caffeine content and the polyphenol EGCG usually found in tea leaves.

Enhance heart health 

Maintaining a healthy heart brings a better life quality and increases life expectancy. Regularly consuming lemon jasmine tea can reduce the risk of heart disease and promote heart function. Polyphenols in tea and the essential oils prevent LDL cholesterol, which is bad cholesterol and related to many cardiovascular problems, from oxidizing. Oxidized LDL cholesterol might develop plaques on the inner wall of your arteries, leading to narrow blood vessels. Combined with vitamin C and fiber in lemon, this drink can reduce the risk of stroke and blood cholesterol levels. 

Improve skin health

Lemon jasmine benefits also include its advantages on your skin. The essential oils from jasmine blossoms, tea, and lemon contain antibacterial properties and antioxidants that enhance skin health. It is useful in the recovery of kin after wounds or scars and slows down the aging process by removing free radical causing wrinkles. 

Lemon jasmine tea brings numerous health benefits
Lemon jasmine tea brings numerous health benefits

Reduce the risk of certain types of cancer

Lemon jasmine tea is high in antioxidants and might help reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. These antioxidants contain cancer-fighting properties and help eliminate free radicals. Tea polyphenols are proven to stop the growth and spread of cancer cells. The plant compounds like hesperidin and d-limonene in lemon also support preventing cancers, including breast cancer. 

Reduce stress 

One of the amazing and powerful lemon jasmine tea benefits lies in its delightful flavor. Lemon jasmine tea directly affects two of the five senses to improve mood and promote relaxation. The fragrant aroma of this drink can lead to parasympathetic reactions, which release hormones that help the body unwind. Besides, the sweet scents of jasmine with the natural tartness of lemon can help you calm down while giving a refreshing finish. 

Prevent and treat diabetes

For those trying to control their blood sugar levels, especially ones with type 2 diabetes, lemon jasmine tea is worth enjoying. The EGCG in this beverage allows your body to use insulin more effectively, reducing blood sugar levels. Moreover, by regulating glucose levels, regularly drinking this lemon jasmine tea can help healthy people avoid diabetes. 

Lemon jasmine tea contains a lot of antioxidants
Lemon jasmine tea contains a lot of antioxidants


Does lemon jasmine tea have side effects?

Although lemon jasmine tea benefits are significant, there are still several side effects of this drink that you should consider. 

Not good during pregnancy

Lemon jasmine tea does contain caffeine, which is believed not good for pregnant women because it might cause miscarriage. Pregnant women are also often at risk of iron deficiency. Meanwhile, lemon jasmine tea has catechins that can reduce the ability of absorbing iron in our bodies. 

Affect stomach health

Moreover, drinking lemon jasmine tea when hungry is not a wise decision. The antioxidant and acid compounds in this beverage can disrupt the acid-basic balance. Therefore, consuming it on an empty stomach can lead to indigestion and stomach ache in the long term. 

does lemon jasmine tea have side effects
Lemon jasmine tea still has some side effects


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