Can you put chocolate milk in tea?

can you put chocolate milk in tea

Milk is a drink that is often added to tea. However, can you put chocolate milk in tea? How does it taste? Follow this article to get more useful information about the chocolate milk and tea combination. 


Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world. Other ingredients, which can go well together with tea, also attract great attention from numerous consumers. Can you put chocolate milk in tea? Adding chocolate milk to your tea will result in an amazing taste along with other health effects. In this article, FGC will provide more information for you to consider when mixing them in your drink. 

Can you put chocolate milk in tea?

Drinking tea with milk is no longer a new way to enjoy tea. One of the most popular ways to enjoy black tea is by mixing black tea with milk. It is also a British traditional tea, called English milk tea. However, not many consumers have tried chocolate milk with tea. So can you put chocolate milk in tea?

Chocolate milk is flavored milk that is made by mixing milk with chocolate powder or cocoa powder and sugar. It is usually added to black tea to make chocolate milk tea. Chocolate milk can combine well with black tea and give a delicious taste. Not only that, but consumers can also add chocolate milk to their green tea cups, which will give a strange but still interesting taste.

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                                                        Drinking tea with milk

How does chocolate milk mix with tea taste?

Both green tea and black tea can be drunk with milk. However, green tea is often mixed with whole milk as well as not flavored milk. Thus, the mixture of green tea and chocolate milk will not be a familiar drink. Meanwhile, chocolate milk and black tea can combine well to create a famous drink, chocolate milk tea. 

  • Black tea

Black tea combined with chocolate milk is known as chocolate milk tea, which is one of the most attractive milk teas. It has a rich, creamy, sweet, and chocolatey taste with a hint of tea flavor. The taste of this tea has a great attraction to consumers, especially kids and youth. Both black tea and chocolate are gone through the fermentation process, so they have a similar color and a little flavor as a result of this process. That’s why chocolate mixed with black tea is a perfect combination in the beverage industry. 

  • Green tea

Putting chocolate milk into green tea will create a slightly bitter and sweet taste with a strong aroma of chocolate. Besides black tea, green tea can also be combined with chocolate milk, but the taste will be a bit strange for traditional milk tea lovers. Green tea also has a bitter taste which can decrease the taste of milk. That is the reason why mixing chocolate milk with green tea is not as popular as with black tea. 

can you put chocolate milk in tea - taste
                            Both green tea and black tea can be drunk with milk

How does drinking tea with chocolate milk benefit you?

Chocolate milk and tea are widely-known as nutritious beverages, which makes them more and more popular. However, the combination of chocolate milk and tea in one serving may be something new to many consumers. Can you put chocolate milk in tea? Does it have any adverse effect on human health?

Both tea and chocolate milk provide vital nutrients

Tea and chocolate milk are beverages that bring various health benefits. Both green tea and black tea are good sources of flavonoids. They can act as antioxidants to prevent the cell damage caused by free radicals which may lead to health problems such as heart disease, cancer, etc. Tea also helps to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, supporting good heart health. Besides, chocolate milk has a high amount of essential compounds including protein, calcium, and potassium, which boost overall health and body growth. 

Milk proteins may interfere with tea compounds

Consuming tea is supposed to prevent the risk of heart disease and cancer. When served with milk, there is a big concern about whether milk might interfere with the absorption and activity of polyphenol compounds in tea. Many studies have been taken and the results showed that milk may affect the activity of tea antioxidants to some extent. However, with teas that have been brewed for a long time, adding milk may not prevent this effect. After all, more research is needed to better understand the health effect of adding chocolate milk to tea.

can you put chocolate milk in tea - benefit
                            Both tea and chocolate milk provide vital nutrients

Is chocolate milk tea good for you? Explore here:

Is chocolate milk tea good for you?


Can you put chocolate milk in tea? Yes, the most suitable tea is black tea. Mixing chocolate milk and tea will create a distinctive taste that is richer, more flavorful, and aromatic. However, this combination also has some changes in health effects compared to natural tea. Therefore, when you put chocolate milk in tea, you should consider its effect on your body. 

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