Can you use ginseng tea for energy?

Can you use ginseng for energy?

Ginseng tea is believed to have benefits as a supplement. Among its usages, the most popular one is ginseng tea for energy.  


With the main active compound being ginsenoside, ginseng has been traditionally used for medications. Ginseng roots belong to the genus Panax, coming from the Greek word “panacea”, meaning “all heal”. So, how can we use ginseng tea for energy? Which is the best ginseng tea for energy? Let’s explore more in this article. 

Can you use ginseng tea for energy?

Ginseng is one of the most ancient and well-known herbs in the world, and it has been considered the king of herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. With sweet and bitter flavor, ginseng tea helps detoxify the body, encourage elimination, slow down acute reactions, and strengthen overall health, specifically focusing on the heart, lungs, and spleen. Among them, the most famous benefit of ginseng tea is improving energy as it acts as an adaptogen to help the body fight off stress and tiredness. 

Ginseng tea for energy is not only used in traditional medicine, but it also has been proven throughout the time by plenty of research and studies. Ginseng tea can help promote both physical and mental health. According to an analysis of 10 research, ginseng could dramatically reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue when compared to a placebo. Moreover, in a study that examined Panax ginseng’s capacity to reduce fatigue, including 21 men and 69 women, it was discovered that ginseng showed powerful effects in treating chronic tiredness. Another research is conducted on people suffering cancer treatment. By comparing the results after taking 2gr and 3gr, it pointed out that ginseng could reduce the symptoms of cancer-related exhaustion. 

Additionally, ginseng tea can help lower oxidative damage and raise cellular energy generation in both ill and healthy people. People without diseases can also use ginseng tea for energy every day to gradually improve overall health. However, even if you are healthy, be careful not to overuse it to avoid possible side effects. 

Ginseng tea helps increase energy
Ginseng tea helps increase energy

Which ginseng tea is best for energy?

The two most popular types of ginseng are Asian ginseng, or Korean ginseng, Panax ginseng, and American ginseng or Panax quinquefolius. Another common type is Siberian ginseng, but it is not truly a ginseng because it does not contain ginsenosides. Korean ginseng has been used for centuries and considered the original one. Found thousands of years ago in China, Korean ginseng became highly sought-after thanks to its great health benefits. It is usually described as “warming” energy, while American ginseng is illustrated as “cooling” energy. 

There has been lots of research on the capacity to increase energy of ginseng, and each type of ginseng tea affects the body in a different way. All types of ginseng are beneficial in fighting tiredness to some extent, but the Korean one is the most well-known ginseng tea for energy. Korean ginseng is also considered the most potent type and has been best studied; meanwhile, American ginseng is better known for its calming effects. Therefore, if you want to get the best energy-boosting effects, choose Korean ginseng tea!

Korean ginseng is best to boost energy
Korean ginseng is best to boost energy

Is ginseng tea better than coffee?

You might wonder whether ginseng tea is a better alternative to coffee. The answer is that it depends on the purpose and method you will consume the two drinks. It is proven that ginseng tea also has stimulating properties like caffeine in coffee. Some may claim that while ginseng tea for energy brings steady effects, coffee instantly boosts their energy, often followed by a crash. Besides, some might be worried that coffee could lead to addiction, and it is necessary to increase the amount of coffee over time to stay concentrated and energized. However, caffeine in coffee is a natural stimulant that is safe to consume in moderation. Therefore, coffee is not absolutely unhealthy if you drink it properly.

If you do not like coffee and you want to find an energy-boosting drink, ginseng tea may be a great option. Ginseng tea is also considered a natural beverage to increase energy levels over a long-time period. If you are sensitive to caffeine, ginseng infusion will be an ideal alternative to boost energy and improve focus. Besides, make sure that you do not take any medications that can reduce blood sugar or react with ginseng tea compounds. 

Ginseng tea vs coffee
Ginseng tea is a healthier choice for energy

Is ginseng tea a stimulant? 

In general, stimulants are referred to substances that can raise or lower your mood. They can make you feel more energized or more calm. One outstanding benefit of stimulants is that they start working quickly, which means you can feel their effects immediately. However, because stimulants act so rapidly, your body will not have time to adapt to the changes, causing unexpected results after that. Although ginseng tea has stimulating effects, it is more like a tonic, which produces the same results while acting more gradually at first. Besides, it also brings more health benefits and has a better calming effect on the nervous system. Therefore, while ginseng tea is a good substance, it is often considered a tonic more than a stimulant.

Ginseng tea is more like a tonic
Ginseng tea is more like a tonic

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