Chocolate milk tea description: 4 fantastic variations

chocolate milk tea description

The chocolate milk tea description will show you specific information about this milk tea, including its taste, ingredients, and variations.


Chocolate milk tea is not a strange or new beverage in every cafe. However, not all consumers know about its ingredients and benefits. If you are searching for chocolate milk tea details, here it is. In this article, FGC will give you useful chocolate milk tea description so that you can consider drinking this milk tea. 

Why should you try chocolate milk tea?

The taste of chocolate milk tea is something like milk tea and hot chocolate drinks. It is a perfect harmony of chocolate, milk, and tea. Compared to hot chocolate or hot cacao drinks, its chocolatey taste is toned down by mixing with other ingredients such as milk and tea. With a smooth and creamy texture, chocolate milk tea gives a rich and delightful taste that will conquer any chocolate and tea lover. 

No matter if chocolate milk tea is hot or cold, it is an amazing sweet drink all around the world. When served hot, chocolate milk tea description shows that it is good for warming yourself up in the morning. Iced chocolate milk tea can help to cool down and relax after a long working day. 

Besides, chocolate milk tea also brings health benefits if consumed in moderation. According to the chocolate milk tea description, it contains a small number of essential vitamins and minerals which are good for human health. Chocolate milk tea is a good source of antioxidants, helping to reduce the risk of heart disease. It also temporarily increases mental alertness, concentration, memory, and cognitive functions.

chocolate milk tea description - why should use
                                  A perfect harmony of chocolate, milk, and tea

What is chocolate milk tea made from?

The name “chocolate milk tea” is made up of the main ingredients in the drink, which are chocolate, milk, and tea. In the chocolate milk tea description, tea is an optional ingredient. Some recipes do not add tea, but for a bold and rich taste, black tea is used to bring an original milk tea base. Besides, many forms of chocolate and milk can combine and give a delicious taste to chocolate milk tea. 

Black tea

Tea is optional in the chocolate milk tea description. Many cafes serve it without tea while some add black tea to bring a more complex flavor. Not having a fresh or grassy taste like green tea, black tea is bold and assertive, with a strong aroma and dark brown color. This makes black tea blend well with chocolate to give a tasty combination. Adding black tea also boosts the caffeine content of chocolate milk tea a bit.


Chocolate is an important flavor that is loved and widely consumed around the world. Several types of chocolate can be used to flavor chocolate milk tea. The chocolate powder will be so sweet that it is not necessary to add any sugar or sweetener. Cocoa powder is a little bit bitter and unsweetened, so if using it in chocolate milk tea, a double quantity of sugar is needed to sweeten the milk tea. 


In the chocolate milk tea description, any type of milk which has a creamy, milky, and thick texture can work well. Whole milk is the most popular type, used in several cafes’ recipes because it results in a rich and creamy chocolate milk tea. Non-dairy milk or vegan milk such as oat milk, soy milk, almond milk, etc., is a good alternative for those who are on a non-dairy or vegan diet. 

chocolate milk tea description - ingredient
                                        Tea is optional in chocolate milk tea

What are the variations of chocolate milk tea?

There are many ways to get creative with chocolate milk tea. Mixing with boba pearls or tapioca pearls is a favorite choice of young people who want a soft and chewy texture. Vegetarians can try vegan chocolate milk tea by using plant-based ingredients instead. Some regions of the world also add spices to milk tea, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, etc. 

  • Chocolate milk tea with boba pearls

Boba pearls are the most ordered toppings at coffee shops. Many consumers supposed that boba pearls in chocolate milk tea can enhance the mouthfeel and make them relax when chewing them. 

  • Caramel chocolate milk tea

Caramel is added to chocolate milk tea to create a sweeter, richer, and more flavorful taste. Besides a strong chocolate aroma, caramel chocolate milk tea will have a mild aroma of caramel. It may be the favorite drink of caramel lovers. 

  • Vegan chocolate milk tea

Vegan chocolate milk tea is a solution for milk tea lovers who are on a vegan diet. All the ingredients in the chocolate milk tea description will be replaced by plant-based ingredients such as oat milk, almond milk, maple syrup, etc. Its taste is like regular chocolate milk tea. 

  • Spicy chocolate milk tea

Spicy chocolate milk tea is a unique variation. To make this milk tea, ground cinnamon, ground ginger, or ground cardamom will be added to create the flavor. This is a traditional recipe of Jamaicans, which combines condensed milk with spices such as the cinnamon leaf, nutmeg, etc. 

chocolate milk tea description - variation
                              Many ways to get creative with chocolate milk tea

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