Does ginseng tea keep you awake?


Does ginseng tea keep you awake? It might be a concern for many people when enjoying ginseng tea. Let’s explore more in this article. 


Ginseng is one of the most popular remedy herbs sold over the world for centuries. Its roots have been used in traditional Asian medicine to increase energy and fight fatigue. Ginseng tea is also famous for its stimulating effect and has been researched in many studies. So, let’s find out if ginseng tea keeps you awake.

Does ginseng tea keep you awake?

Ginseng tea is well-known as a natural treatment to improve overall health. So, does ginseng tea keep you awake? Can you use it as an alternative to caffeinated drinks like coffee or sugary drinks? One of the most popular benefits of ginseng tea is its energy-boosting effect. This beverage can increase your energy levels by effectively regulating metabolism. Besides, if you are so tired and cannot concentrate on your work, try some ginseng tea. It can help lower the cells’ level of oxidative stress, resulting in less physical and mental fatigue. 

Moreover, ginseng tea also works as a brain stimulant, which helps calm your mind, enhance concentration and thinking ability. A good night’s sleep is also an important factor in keeping you awake the next day.

There has been several research and studies on the relationship between ginseng and sleep quality, thanks to its sleep promotion properties. For example, a research between 15 volunteers who took red ginseng three times a day for a week pointed out that the amount of wake time was greatly cut down, and the sleep quality was improved. Therefore, drinking ginseng tea can help you sleep better and increase morning alertness. However, more research with larger scales should continue to be conducted to get more precise conclusions. 

does ginseng tea keep you awake
Ginseng tea has stimulating effects

Is ginseng tea good before bed?

Due to the busy lifestyle, sleep issues are getting more common, especially among younger people. One of the major causes of chronic tiredness is lack of sleep. Because ginseng tea has stimulating effects, is it good to consume it before bed? 

Ginseng tea works not only as a stimulant but also as a sedative and an adaptogen. It will help calm your mind and balance your body’s response to stressors. If the response is too much or insufficient, the active components in ginseng will aid homeostatic reaction to the natural levels. Numerous studies have shown that ginseng tea supports regular sleep and waking cycles. Therefore, consuming it regularly helps you get enough sleep more simply and wake up more energized the next morning. 

However, it is not recommended to drink ginseng tea at night, especially right before bedtime. It is because ginseng tea consumption at night might lead to sleep issues, including restlessness. There might be differences in each person’s reaction to ginseng tea. Some people can handle it well when they drink ginseng tea 2-3 hours before going to bed or even less time. Nevertheless, for the most part, the ideal time to take it is in the morning to midday. 

You should not drink ginseng tea before bed
You should not drink ginseng tea before bed

Can ginseng tea cause insomnia as a side effect?

Although ginseng tea is believed to have calming effects and somehow improve sleep quality, some people say that this drink actually contributes to insomnia. So, can ginseng tea cause poor sleep as a side effect? Ginseng tea is packed with numerous health benefits; however, it still causes some side effects if used for long periods with high doses. Some symptoms of ginseng tea overconsumption are sleeplessness, nervousness, hypertension, and increased blood pressure. Among these side effects, insomnia is one of the most common symptoms. 

High doses and long-time consumption are the most common reasons causing sleeplessness when drinking ginseng tea. Besides, sleep issues might happen because ginseng tea has some interactions with the medications you are following. It is better to ask your doctor before taking ginseng tea with medicines.

The difference in impacts on sleep might depend on the types of ginseng tea and the amount used. For example, regarding relaxing benefits, red ginseng was proven to have more powerful effects than white ginseng. Additionally, while American ginseng might help boost sleep quality with a specific cooling effect, Asian ginseng is often used to treat colds. As a result, although ginseng tea normally does not disrupt sleep, some people might still experience a drop in their sleep quality. 

If overused for a long time with high doses, ginseng tea can cause insomnia
If overused for a long time with high doses, ginseng tea can cause insomnia

Explore how to drink ginseng tea:

How to drink ginseng tea? What you should notice

What are the advantages of ginseng tea from FGC?

Have you got the answer to the question “Does ginseng tea keep you awake”? If you want a convenient drink packed with numerous health benefits, ready-to-drink ginseng tea is a perfect choice in today’s busy life. Future Generation Co., Ltd is the leading tea beverage supplier in Vietnam with more than 26 years of experience. FGC is committed to providing customers with high-quality, unique formulas and diverse packaging for ginseng tea products. 

Made from high-quality ingredients

Ginseng roots and tea leaves are selected from prestigious sources in Vietnam and around the world. All of them have clear origins and international certification to guarantee the taste and flavor of ginseng tea drink. Depending on customers’ requirements, ginseng roots, and tea leaves are prepared following professional processes, which maintain the distinctive flavor and aroma of the ingredients. 

Good quality control system

Providing high-quality products is always FGC’s priority. Therefore, in every step of the processing methods, we all have strict quality control policy. Currently, our company owns 15 tea factories across Vietnam, and they are equipped with cutting-edge production lines. Our machines are imported from Japan, Italy, Germany, and so on. Besides, FGC operates according to ISO and HACCP standards, ensuring international quality products for each customer.

“Package” services

 From tea farms and ginseng roots sources to the R&D department to the factory, FGC is proud to provide full services for our clients. Our R&D team is always available to support you in creating a unique formula. Besides, for ready-to-drink ginseng tea, we offer diverse types of packaging, including TetraPak boxes, PET bottles, and slim CAN. Logo design and free samples are also available, making it an ideal commercial solution for your business. 

Example of FGC ginseng tea
Example of FGC ginseng tea

About Future Generation Co.,Ltd

Future Generation Company Limited is one of the largest beverage suppliers in Vietnam, with 27 years of experience in production and export. FGC is equipped with modern machines such as Hotfill PET and TetraPak, ensuring high-capacity production. FGC strives to achieve our mission to become Vietnam’s leading healthy beverage company. Our factories also meet international standards such as ISO, HACCP, etc. In addition, we constantly innovate our machinery system, strengthen production capacity, and increase productivity. 

FGC also provides Private Label Services. With this service, we can help customers in researching and formulating beverages, designing product label packaging, and creating their own brands. This is an ideal solution for small and medium enterprises. Moreover, FGC provides free samples for customers to test before bulk orders. We also ensure delivery as fast as possible.


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