Explore 6 chamomile honey tea benefits

chamomile honey tea benefits

Chamomile honey tea has been well-known as a healthy drink and home treatment for centuries. So, what are specific chamomile honey tea benefits?


Chamomile honey tea is the infusion of chamomile flowers, then blended with honey. With the characteristic apple-like taste and natural sweetness of honey, this drink is famous for its flavors and relaxing effects. Let’s find out more about chamomile honey tea’s soothing effects along with other significant health benefits. 

Nutrition facts of chamomile tea

Chamomile is most popularly used as a component of herbal tea, an infusion of fresh or dried chamomile blossoms. Generally, chamomile flowers are harvested in summer. Besides, for thousands of years, chamomile has been considered a healthy plant and utilized as a traditional remedy. It is a low-calorie drink with several nutrients. According to USDA, the nutrition facts of a cup of 100g brewed chamomile tea are as follows:

  • Energy: 1 kcal
  • Water: 99.7g
  • Calcium (Ca): 2mg
  • Potassium (K): 9mg
  • Sodium (Na): 1 mg
  • Iron (Fe): 0.08mg
  • Zinc (Zn): 0.04mg
  • Vitamin A: 20 IU

Even though it is not a substantial source of any specific nutrients, it is recommended as a healthy beverage to include in your meal plans.

nutrition facts of chamomile honey tea
Chamomile honey tea is a low-calorie drink with various nutrients

Chamomile honey tea benefits

Chamomile honey tea is well-known for not only its delicious taste but also its great advantages. Let’s explore some chamomile honey tea benefits!

Supporting sleep

One of the significant chamomile honey tea benefits is improving sleep quality, and it has been used for many years for this purpose. A good sleep at night is important for the body, which is as crucial as exercise and a healthy diet. Sleepiness can be encouraged by the act of apigenin, which is an antioxidant in chamomile honey tea. The mild sedative properties of this tea make it ideal for promoting sleep and dealing with sleep quality issues such as depression and other mental health conditions to help you wake up refreshed. Research on a group of women found out that those who drank chamomile honey tea had better sleep.    

Easing anxiety

Drinking chamomile honey tea regularly can also help increase relaxation and alleviate stress. Its pleasant properties make it a perfect choice when you are nervous. A study pointed out that 2-4 weeks of chamomile therapy for generalized anxiety disorder could relieve symptoms. Moreover, chamomile honey tea is believed to help you calm down and relax both physically and mentally.   

Improving digestion

Promoting digestive health is also one of the chamomile honey tea benefits. This drink might provide defenses against H. Pylori, a common bacteria causing stomach ulcers. Furthermore, symptoms of acid reflux and bloating can also be reduced by the consumption of chamomile. Besides, chamomile is researched to lessen intestinal smooth muscle spasms. It is good for people who suffer from inflammatory gastrointestinal conditions, contributing to a healthy digestion. 

what are chamomile honey tea benefits
Chamomile honey tea benefits are significant for people

Enhancing heart health

Chamomile honey tea contains many nutrients which are beneficial to the development and operation of the heart. The flavonoids in chamomile help control cholesterol and blood pressure. Additionally, chamomile tea is also helpful in reducing illnesses such as coronary heart disease. 

Regulating blood sugar

Thanks to regulating blood sugar function, chamomile honey tea is beneficial for people with diabetes. Consuming chamomile honey tea can help lower blood sugar levels and improve the pancreas’ health by preventing cell damage. Pancreas is crucial in keeping blood sugar at controlled levels, as it generates insulin, the hormone in charge of eliminating sugar from your blood. In a study of 64 diabetic participants, individuals who drank chamomile tea everyday for eight weeks had considerably reduced blood sugar than those who consumed water. 

Reducing cold symptoms

For centuries, chamomile honey tea has been used as a great home remedy for the common cold, by reducing its symptoms. Because honey has numerous soothing and antimicrobial properties, its blending with chamomile tea can even aid in relieving sore throats. When you are under the weather, a cup of chamomile honey tea may help you feel better. 

In addition to the above health benefits, chamomile honey tea also helps boost immunity, improve skin and hair health, and so on. 

Chamomile honey tea benefits are quite significant

Side effects of chamomile honey tea

So, does chamomile honey tea have any side effects? Generally, chamomile honey tea benefits everyone and is safe for daily routine. Although it is rare, there are still some side effects recorded. For instance, there have been several chamomile allergic cases which are likely to happen with those who are allergic to daisy-plants.

Normally, chamomile honey tea is herbal tea without caffeine. However, if you add tea leaves into this drink, pregnant women or sensitive people should be careful when enjoying it. Besides, infants and very young children should avoid chamomile honey tea because they do not develop enough to fight against botulism infection like adults. The use of chamomile honey tea in place of tested medical procedures is not safe. If you are following any medications, you should ask your doctors for advice before drinking. 

chamomile honey tea side effects
Chamomile honey tea is quite safe for everyone


Chamomile honey tea benefits are among the reasons why it is favored around the world for such a long time. Consuming it daily is beneficial to your sleep, nervous system, digestion, etc. while improving your overall health. So, why not add this amazing chamomile honey tea to your diet to improve your overall health right now?

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