Explore 7 amazing orange peach tea benefits

orange peach tea benefits

Orange peach tea is a great combination of oranges, peaches and tea. Let’s find out the wonderful orange peach tea benefits in this article.


Orange peach tea is a sought-after drink in the world because of not only its flavor or aroma but also the huge advantages it brings. All the ingredients in this beverage are healthy and contain a lot of nutrients. In this post, FGC will introduce to you more information about the amazing orange peach tea benefits. 

Significant orange peach tea benefits

Orange peach tea is considered a safe and healthy drink. It is a good source of vitamin A, C, fiber, lutein, lycopene, potassium and so on. Therefore, it could help improve the immune system, detoxify the body, enhance bone, teeth and heart health, etc.  

Good for immune system

Peaches and oranges are rich sources of vitamin C which is beneficial for your body’s natural defenses. It also helps speed up the wound healing process, slow down oxidation and strengthens the immune system. In addition, the antioxidants found can lessen the stress of the body by identifying harmful substances that endanger your general health. This is the reason why orange peach tea is loved by many people around the world. 

Detoxifying the body

With the fiber and potassium content, this drink has a laxative effect, supports intestinal circulation and limits common problems of the digestive tract such as constipation and stomach ulcers. Another orange peach tea benefits is good for the liver because it helps to remove the toxins contained in it from the body, thereby making the functioning of the liver and kidneys smoother and more effective.

Enhancing heart health

Orange peach tea, which is rich in vitamins and minerals such as lutein, lycopene and potassium can help preserve the condition of your arteries and blood vessels. The potassium in peach tea can metabolize carbs, regulate heartbeat and balance electrolyte levels. This assists in lowering blood pressure and decreases the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

benefits of orange peach tea
Orange peach tea is good for the immune system, helps detoxify the body and so on.

Protecting eyes

Orange peach tea consists of beta-carotene, which might support retina protection and good vision maintenance. Besides, consuming this beverage can also help prevent night brightness and vision loss in the elderly. So, this drink is suitable for all children, adults and the old. 

Improving bone and teeth health

Fiber is one of the vital nutrients for the development of your bones and teeth. A large amount of fiber along with calcium, phosphorus and fluoride are found in this drink. So, another orange peach tea benefits is to prevent osteoporosis and tooth decay. 

Preventing cancer

In orange peach tea, there is chlorogenic acid, along with high levels of vitamin A. So, it can contribute to preventing the formation of some cancer cells such as lung cancer and oral cavity cancer. Additionally, it is proven that antioxidants in this drink shield from cancer-causing free radical damage.

Useful for weight loss

Orange peach tea benefits are popular among women who are always worried about weight issues. With natural sweetness from peaches and oranges, low calorie and fat content, this beverage does not cause blood sugar rising and fat accumulation. However, it is necessary to balance orange peach tea with daily meals associated with exercising regularly. 

Orange peach tea has a lot of health benefits
Orange peach tea has a lot of health benefits (Source: Pinterest)

Notices when drinking orange peach tea

Before enjoying or purchasing orange peach tea, there are some notices you should know and remember to get the best effects of orange peach tea benefits: 

Drinking orange peach tea frequency

For ordinary people, peach tea has almost no side effects. However, if you drink too much of this beverage in a short time, it can cause digestive disorders. Even if you love this drink, you should not drink too much because any food will cause bad effects if it is overused, no matter how good it is.

Checking for fruit allergies 

Before drinking orange peach tea, make sure that you are not allergic to any ingredients of this beverage including orange, peach and tea. Although very few people experience this condition, it is better for you to check it in advance. Allergíe can lead to itching or swelling of the mouth or throat. If you notice any abnormality in your body while using orange peach tea, you should stop drinking it.

Notices for pregnant women 

Normally, the tea ingredient in orange peach tea is black tea, which contains caffeine. Caffeine can reach babies through the placental barrier, but babies’ caffeine metabolism in infants differs from that in adults. Besides, because of the function to stimulate digestion, it is not recommended to use for pregnant women to limit the harmful effects. At the same time, nursing mothers also should not drink orange peach tea.

Large amount of added sugar

You should be careful and wise when choosing orange peach tea products on the market. Low-quality products with a large amount of added sugar might increase the blood level and weight gain. So, it is better to check the nutrition label and choose the prestigious supplier. 

Some notices to have the best experience when drinking orange peach tea
Some notices to have the best experience when drinking orange peach tea

Explore orange peach tea recipes:

How to make peach tea with peaches in 5 steps?

Buy wholesale orange peach tea from FGC

Established in 1996, Future Generation Co.,Ltd is the leading beverage supplier in Vietnam. We have 26 years of experience in manufacturing loose tea, tea bags, instant tea and ready-to-drink tea. We are confident to be a good wholesale supplier of orange peach tea. 

Cutting-edge technology 

FGC currently has 15 tea factories across the country with modern machinery imported from Japan, Germany, Italy, etc. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology system, we are committed to providing premium products with high productivity. FGC products meet international quality certifications such as ISO, HACCP, HALAL, etc.

FGC currently has modern machinery imported from Japan, Germany, Italy, etc.
FGC currently has modern machinery imported from Japan, Germany, Italy, etc.

Private Label Services

With Private Label Services, FGC can customize orange peach tea according to customers’ requirements. Our services bring numerous benefits to clients such as diverse packaging, R&D support and free label design. We are confident that OEM from FGC will be a commercial solution for your best growth.


With a distinctive taste, orange peach tea is a perfect choice for you to enjoy on a daily basis. Moreover, this combination of oranges, peaches and tea creates an amazing drink that brings a lot of health benefits. When choosing orange peach tea, you should consider some notices to have the best effects. 


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