Explore Now: 10 Unique Tet Packaging Trends for Standout Beverages in the Lunar New Year!

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Lunar New Year 2024 is coming around. This is when beverage brands come out with new Tet packaging designs that are luxurious and eye-catching to serve the most awaited festival of the year. Let’s explore some prominent packaging design trends for the upcoming 2024 Lunar New Year – Year of the Dragon.

Why is Tet packaging (New Year packaging) important?

Lunar New Year, also called Tet Nguyen Dan or Tet for short, is one of the most important celebrations and public holidays in Vietnam and in many Asian countries. Not only does it mark the beginning of the new year, but it also embodies profound cultural values and traditions. It is an occasion to express heartfelt affection towards beloved family members and strengthen the connection we share with friends and colleagues. Therefore, consumer demand during this period increased significantly, especially for items used as gifts, such as food and beverages.

Statistics from Nielsen show that sales during the three Tet months contributed about 28% of the annual revenue of the beverage industry. Moreover, Tet packaging design plays a crucial role in this revenue. Tet packaging not only plays a vital role in enhancing accessibility and attracting customers but is also an effective business strategy that contributes to increasing sales and promoting a more extensive brand recognition.

Prominent Trends in Tet Packaging Design 2024

Alongside uniqueness and the brand’s mark, Tet 2024 beverage packaging from various brands demonstrates an exquisite blend of modern aesthetics and enduring traditional values. So what are the notable trends of packaging designs for this Tet season?

Using Traditional Tet Colors

During every Tet season, one can easily observe shelves adorned in vibrant red, yellow, and green – the characteristic colors of traditional Tet, typical colors of traditional Tet, spreading a lot of positive energy. In Eastern culture, red symbolizes luck and happiness, yellow is the color of prosperity and wealth, while green brings a sense of freshness and new life, signifying a favorable new beginning. These vibrant colors not only make the products stand out on the shelves but also catch consumers’ attention. However, it’s important for the colors to match the product and brand, so people can feel the newness and sophistication of Tet products but still recognize the brand easily.

To welcome the new year in 2024, Tiger Beer has introduced a new tall can series with the message about starting the year with determination. In addition to the characteristic brand color, which is green and silver, Tiger Beer has harmoniously combined the red of fireworks and the yellow of coins on each beer carton, embodying a vibrant Tet atmosphere while maintaining a touch of elegance and youthfulness.

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Combining Iconic Symbols of Tet 

Cherry blossoms, apricot blossoms, kumquat trees, spring couplets, and red firecrackers are familiar things that immerse us in the traditional Tet atmosphere. The incorporation of the twelve zodiac animals on the packaging also adds to the uniqueness of each year and shows respect for the country’s traditional values. According to the lunar calendar, 2024 is the year of the dragon, as a result, the Dragon symbol is popular in the packaging designs as it represents goodness, prosperity, and abundance. Alongside symbolic images, the use of traditional fonts or Han characters also makes the Tet packaging look lively and beautiful while still keeping the traditional style.

This Lunar New Year, Coca-Cola, besides the familiar golden swallow symbol that has appeared in Tet packaging designs for many years, has captured attention with the image of a Golden Dragon inspired by the Dragon symbol during the Ly Dynasty. This remarkable fusion both embraces cherished traditions and demonstrates respect for the core values that Vietnamese people take pride in, thus earning praise for this unique combination.

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Integrating Meaningful Messages for Tet

Incorporating stories and meaningful messages on Tet packaging is a compelling method to stir emotions, forge connections, and establish a favorable impression among consumers. This year, the inclusion of traditional Tet wishes, such as “Happy New Year”, “May All Your Wishes Come True”, etc., gives the product a sense of closeness and the spirit of Tet. Additionally, incorporating images or illustrations that depict themes of gatherings, peace, etc., enables the brand to deeply resonate with the public, evoking feelings of joy, happiness, and the spirit of unity and togetherness that define every Tet and spring season. 

Cozy: Embracing Tradition with Lunar New Year Tea Boxes

Cozy is an esteemed Vietnamese tea brand established in 2003 with a solid foundation from Future Generation Company Limited – one of the largest tea export companies in Vietnam. With natural tea sourced from a 4,500-hectare plantation across Vietnam and utilizing German and Italian production standards, Cozy ensures a truly exceptional tea experience. Embracing the approaching Tet festivities in 2024, Cozy unveils a delightful gift set with a message of love and connection which offers a diverse range of choices for customers, including tea bags, instant tea, and ready-to-drink tea. 

The vibrant red and yellow color scheme, combined with characteristic Tet patterns such as red firecrackers and traditional green banh chung, creates an elegant and eye-catching tea box. Moreover, Cozy delicately integrates images of a happy extended family on the Tet packaging of peach and winter melon tea cans, symbolizing profound connection and love. Additionally, the Tet gift set named “Cá chép hóa rồng” (Carp Turning into Dragon), expresses wishes for luck and prosperity, making it an ideal expression of sincerity and thoughtfulness for loved ones, friends, and business partners.

Tet packaging

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