Facts about sweet and sour preserved apricots

Facts about sweet and sour preserved apricots

Sweet and sour preserved apricots are among the most special preserved fruits, with distinctive tastes and flavors. This blog will show you facts about such an amazing fruit and products from it.

Benefits of sweet and sour preserved apricots

Facts about sweet and sour preserved apricots

Apricots have a characteristic aroma, the outer skin is covered with light hairs, and the taste is sour. Using ripe apricots to soak sugar will create a delicious and very healthy drink.

Ripe apricots contain many different nutrients such as vitamins A, C, minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and other amino acids. These substances bring many health benefits that surely many people still do not know.

When the body is tired and uncomfortable due to weather conditions or illness, just drinking a glass of soaked apricot water will help restore strength and reduce the feeling of fatigue quickly.

In addition, apricots contain many amino acids, so they support good digestion, improve appetite, and treat intestinal diseases. At the same time, it also helps to increase blood circulation, effectively treating insomnia. In addition, using apricots properly is a good remedy for sore throat, cough, and phlegm.

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What are preserved apricots?

How to make sweet and sour preserved apricots?

People choose rock sugar instead of granulated sugar because coarse rock sugar will dissolve more slowly than granulated sugar, so there will be enough time to absorb and taste better. If you choose Quang Ngai alum sugar, the apricot juice bottle will have the roundest taste.

  • Ingredients:

Apricots and rock sugar (ratio 1:1)

Refined salt

A glass jar with a lid.

  • Instructions:

Step 1: Buy apricots, remove stalks, then soak in dilute salt water for 10-15 minutes to clean dirt and toxins. Next, you take out the basket to drain

Step 2: Before soaking with sugar, use a small toothpick to lightly prick the apricots, doing so when soaking the apricots will be absorbed and more delicious.

Step 3: Put a layer of alum sugar on the bottom of the jar and then add another layer of apricots (ratio 1:1), and so on until the apricots are gone and the top layer is a layer of sugar.

Step 4: Close the lid tightly. Store the jar of soaked apricots in a cool place until the sugar dissolves and the apricots turn golden brown and can be used.

Facts about sweet and sour preserved apricots

Where and How can I order products from sweet and sour preserved apricots?

If you are looking for beverage products made from sweet and sour preserved apricots, Future Generation Co., Ltd is a reputable supplier to consider. FGC is Vietnam’s largest beverage supplier, with over 26 years of experience in the Food & Beverage industry and over 1000 partners worldwide.

We offer a wide range of beverage products to customers in over 60 countries worldwide. Our products have a delicious and distinct taste and flavor, a cool and appealing packaging design, and a safe and reassuring quality. A large number of international certificates, such as ISO, HACCAP, HALAL, and others, serve as proof of our high-quality and healthy products.

6-layer TetraPak boxes, filled and packaged with Aseptic technology from Spain
6-layer TetraPak boxes, filled and packaged with Aseptic technology from Spain

Owning many manufacturing and processing plants, with the application of the two most cutting-edge filling and packaging technologies from Spain and Germany, FGC is committed to a stable, constant, and sufficient beverage supply for domestic consumption and export markets. 

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Sweet and sour preserved apricots is the one of the most Vietnamese unique preserved fruit products that give consumers appetite and many health benefits.

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