FGC – A leading supplier of chocolate milk tea for sale

chocolate milk tea for sale

If you are looking for a supplier of chocolate milk tea for sale, Future Generation Company Limited (FGC) is among the most reputable and high-capacity suppliers in Vietnam.


FGC is Vietnam’s leading supplier of chocolate milk tea for sale. With a large factory, advanced technology, and diverse ingredient sources, FGC is providing a large volume of milk tea for domestic consumption and export. As a wholesaler of chocolate milk tea, FGC ensures to bring high-quality products with good prices for your business. 

What is special about chocolate milk tea by FGC?

At FGC, all products are researched and developed with unique formulas and production methods, creating an amazing taste for tea and beverages. As a main product, chocolate milk tea is developed based on customers’ demand and beverage trends. FGC ensures the flavors, quality, origin, and safety of chocolate milk tea for sale. 

Distinctive flavors with high-quality ingredients

Chocolate milk tea for sale produced by FGC is a perfect combination of chocolate, milk, and black tea which are processed and blended according to a unique method. All the ingredients are sourced and selected with good quality as well as clear origins. Our R&D department with many years of tea and beverage industry experience researches and produces various milk tea formulas that meet consumers’ preferences and updated trends.

Well-control quality

The raw materials are gathered and transported directly from the tea and ingredient farms to the factories. This cuts down on storage time and guarantees raw material quality. FGC develops a tea and beverage production technology that is modern, synchronous, sustainable, and diverse, based on market demand for food hygiene and safety, by utilizing scientific and technological achievements to improve productivity, quality, and production efficiency. 

Healthy and convenient

FGC chocolate milk tea products are made from organic and natural ingredients that ensure the safety of human health. Ready-to-drink chocolate milk tea for sale is a convenient option that can be consumed directly anywhere and every time. With HTST (high-temperature short time) Pasteurization Techniques, our milk tea has a long shelf life without using any preservatives. This proved that chocolate milk tea is guaranteed food hygiene and healthy for use.

chocolate milk tea for sale - special
                 Chocolate milk tea is processed according to a unique method

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Why should you buy chocolate milk tea for sale at FGC?

The demand for chocolate milk tea as well as ready-to-drink beverages in the market is increasing. If you are searching for a prestigious Chocolate Milk Tea for sale supplier, FGC is the company that should be considered. Why is that? Here are the reasons.

A leading tea and beverage manufacturer and exporter in Vietnam

Future Generation has more than 25 years of experience in the tea and beverage industry. Our products have been exported to over 60 countries and consumed by millions of customers around the world. We supply a wide range of tea and beverages, from loose tea to ready-to-drink tea such as milk tea, herbal tea, etc. FGC is striving to provide international clients with excellent products and delicate consultant services. 

A stable supply with cutting-edge production machines

FGC has diverse sources of ingredients and several advanced machine lines, which help to produce a large quantity of chocolate milk tea for sale, ensuring continuous production. Our machinery system is constantly innovated to achieve high capacity and productivity, with more than hundreds of thousands of bottles and cartons per hour. Thanks to that, FGC guarantees a stable supply and good prices for all products. 

Quality management throughout the production process

At FGC, quality management is carried out from ingredient farms to the consumer. Tea gardens are grown according to the requirements of VietGAP and Organic standards. All ingredients are selected from reputable suppliers in Vietnam and around the world, ensuring safety for human health. FGC’s production process meets several international standards including ISO, HACCP, HALAL, etc. 

chocolate milk tea for sale - why should buy
                                        Buy chocolate milk tea for sale at FGC

Which advantage does Private Label Service provide?

Assist in sourcing tea and ingredients

FGC will assist you in sourcing tea and ingredients from local partners, suppliers in Vietnam, and regional countries all over the world such as India, China, Africa, etc. We can provide diverse sources of tea and other ingredients, all of which have a clear origin and international certification to ensure premium quality. 

Develop a unique formula 

We assist you in researching, testing, and developing a new formula by blending a variety of tea and ingredients. We have all the resources to create recipes and produce your unique chocolate milk tea products. Our R&D department with extensive experience in the beverage industry will help research and develop unique flavors and tastes; find the most effective and economical production methods for your business.

Diverse packaging types and free label designs

With several available production machines, FGC provides many packaging types, including Tetra Pak cartons, PET bottles, and Slim Can. With many years of experience making private labels for many partners, we are committed to consulting the most suitable packaging and making your beverage packages attractive and inspiring.

  • Tetra Pak cartons

TetraPak cartons with 6-sterilized layers are a good choice to ensure the hygiene and good preservation of the liquor. Aseptic technology can keep the product inside hygienic, safe, and able to preserve for a long time. This type of packaging works well for every product.

chocolate milk tea for sale - tetra pak
                                                           Tetra Pak cartons
  • PET bottles

PET bottles 350ml and 455ml are an economical solution due to their good prices. The liquor inside is filled and packaged with Ultra High-Temperature technology to keep the taste, flavor, and nutrients of the tea.

chocolate milk tea for sale - PET bottle
                                                                       PET Bottles
  • Slim cans

Can have been the most popular packaging type that is trendy, convenient, and good for delivery. Moreover, the packaging also ensures the original taste, flavor, and quality of the liquor under any circumstances.

chocolate milk tea for sale - CAN
                                                                         Slim Can

How to buy chocolate milk tea for sale from FGC?

Through our Website: Simply leave a message on our website: to begin purchasing FGC’s chocolate milk tea for sale. Within hours, there will be a sales manager to contact you back. 

Email/Phone call: Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone if you would like to purchase or just need to learn more about our products. 


Address: R4 building, Office Quarter 02, Royal City, 72A Nguyen Trai St., Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi.

Phone: +84 24 73 000 125/ +84 24 6664 7788






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