Herbal tea – An inevitable trend in beverage choice

Herbal tea

Offering a lot of health benefits, herbal tea is among the most sought-after beverages when citizens are more concerned about health and sustainable consumption. Check out this article to learn more about the latest trends in herbal tea and how you can capitalize on them for your business.


Herbal tea has been around for a long time, and it’s been proven to be good for your health. It’s no surprise that herbal tea has gained great popularity in the current health-conscious environment. The consumption of herbal tea has become increasingly accessible in the modern era, with the availability of small packaging options such as ready-to-drink tea, tea bags, and instant tea. So which factors make herbal tea an inevitable trend in beverage choice?

The global consumption of herbal tea

Herbal tea is basically a blend of different herbs, flowers, and spices, which may or may not contain tea leaves (Camellias sinensis leaves). This tea has a ton of health benefits, like better heart health, better digestion, and better sleep, which is one of the main reasons why herbal tea is becoming increasingly popular. 

This type of tea has gained considerable attention in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States, so it’s definitely something to watch out for in the future. In 2021, the herbal tea market was worth 3,290.17 million USD, and it’s expected to reach 5,445.22 million USD by 2029. It is expected to grow at a 6.50% CAGR over the 2022-2029 period, according to Data Bridge Market Research. 

Asia Pacific is the largest herbal tea market and is expected to experience a significant expansion shortly. This is attributed to the high consumption of herbal tea in regional countries such as China, India, and Japan. North America accounted for the second-largest share of the global market due to consumers’ growing interest in improving their health and well-being. Besides, the European market for herbal teas is anticipated to witness a surge in demand due to the increasing tea consumption in the region.

Herbal tea (1)
                                          Herbal tea is a blend of different herbs

Factors driving demand for herbal tea 

The herbal tea market is driven by several factors, including a growing population, increasing disposable income, and an increasing awareness of consumer health. Social factors such as trends and awareness among the people of the country and regions have a significant impact on the demand for herbal tea. Consumers are increasingly seeking out herbal tea due to a shift in consumer preferences toward healthier products and a diet that is rich in nutrients.

Increasing awareness of consumer health

The International Food Ingredients has found that consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits associated with natural foods and beverages. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a surge in the demand for functional drinks as people switch to a healthier diet and seek out products that are both healthy and nutritionally beneficial to their bodies. This is why herbal tea has seen a surge in popularity in recent years.

Growing population and disposable income

The retail market is expanding as a result of the increasing global population. This, in combination with the increasing disposable income, has led to a significant expansion of the herbal tea industry in recent times. People are increasingly willing to invest in health-related items, particularly those that offer convenience and are beneficial for health. This has led to an increase in the demand for ready-to-drink herbal teas.

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                              Consumers are increasingly seeking out herbal tea

Some herbs that are widely used in herbal tea

Herbal tea can be made by combining herbs and tea leaves, or just by making a herbal blend. The main distinction between the two is the amount of caffeine in it. This tea will contain a certain amount of caffeine if it is blended with tea leaves. On the other hand, pure herbal blends do not contain any caffeine. Both of these herbal teas have certain health benefits, so which one to choose will depend on your preferences and requirements. Here are some ingredients that are commonly found in herbal tea:


Ginger herbal tea is projected to experience a significant increase in demand over the 2022-2033 assessment period, as reported by Future Market Insights. During this period, it is anticipated that ginger tea will dominate the tea market, contributing significantly to the overall herbal tea revenue. Ginger is commonly known as a spice with a slightly sweet and spicy flavor. However, beyond its culinary allure, it is also a healthy herbal tea with lots of benefits such as increasing immunity, reducing inflammation, comforting irritated throats, facilitating digestion, etc. 

Herbal tea (3)
                                                              Ginger tea


Chamomile has a long history in the field of herbal medicine, due to its remarkable ability to provide soothing and therapeutic benefits. Several studies showed that chamomile tea is effective in improving sleep quality, reducing stress, and good for heart health. Loaded with beneficial antioxidants, this herbal tea helps lower the risk of many diseases, especially heart disease and cancer. Chamomile tea possesses a delicate and light floral aroma and natural sweetness, making it a beloved choice among tea enthusiasts in various nations.

Herbal tea (4)
                                                             Chamomile tea


Peppermint tea has gained widespread recognition for its ability to aid digestion due to reports of its ability to alleviate gas and bloating symptoms. According to several studies, it can be beneficial in alleviating digestive issues, nausea, abdominal pain, and other irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. Peppermint oil peppermint has the potential to enhance alertness and memory, thereby potentially enhancing one’s ability to concentrate and focus. Having a pleasant, minty taste with a slightly sweet flavor, peppermint has been used as a herbal tea for thousands of years. 

Herbal tea (5)
                                                              Peppermint tea

Herbal tea produced by FGC

Ready-to-drink herbal tea

The emergence of RTD Tea or Ready-to-Drink Tea keeps up with the evolving lifestyle trends of beverage lovers around the world. People are increasingly choosing to consume lighter meals on the go due to the fast-paced lifestyle they lead and the lack of time in their day-to-day lives. In addition, the health consciousness of consumers has also contributed to the popularity of the healthy beverage. Consequently, RTD herbal tea stands out from all other traditional soft drinks due to its convenience and lots of health benefits.

At FGC, we have constantly invested in and developed new products as long as the market demands it. With RTD tea, we offer a wide variety of flavors, like sugar-free, herbal blends, and more. In addition to this, clients can also customize tea flavors, packaging, and design. The range of products available includes PET bottles and Tetra Pak cartons, as well as aluminum CAN packaging with attractive label designs.

  • Sugar-free Green Tea
  • Sugar-free Oolong Tea
  • Sugar-free Jasmine Tea
  • Rose Tea
  • Rooibos Tea
  • Matcha Mint Tea
  • Honey Ginger Lime Tea
  • Honey Chamomile Tea

Herbal tea (8)

Explore more ready-to-drink tea from FGC:

Herbal tea bag

If consumers want to brew herbal tea on their own and try the most authentic and natural tea, herbal tea bags are the best option. It is produced by cutting tea leaves and herbs into small pieces and packed in filter bags, which are made from natural and food-grade materials. Therefore, herbal tea bags are not only safe for human health but also bring several benefits such as detox, cleansing, and protecting the body from harmful factors. 

Currently, FGC is manufacturing 3 types of tea bags for both domestic and international markets, including:

  • Traditional tea bag: Green tea bag, Oolong tea bag, Premium black tea bag,…
  • Herbal tea bag (combined with tea leaves, containing caffeine): Cinnamon tea bag, Hibiscus tea bag, Mint tea bag,…
  • Herbal tea bag (blends of herbs, not containing caffeine): Artichoke tea bag, Ginger tea bag, Brown rice and staff vine tea,…

Apart from the above tea bag types, we also offer custom tea bags that are tailored to your business’s specific demand and budget. Besides flavors, FGC provides clients with various tea bag shapes and types including Single chambers, Double chambers, Round bags, and Pyramid bags. If you’re looking for a free label design, we’ve got you covered!

Herbal tea (6)

Instant herbal tea

The demand for instant tea is predicted to grow rapidly in Vietnam and other parts of Asia in the next decade due to its convenience for busy individuals to consume at any time and from any location. Simply pour the tea into a cup, mix in hot/cold water, and enjoy the most convenient instant cup of tea. Ginger instant tea is a typical product that can help fight colds and flu, strengthen the immune system, nourish the heart, lower cholesterol, etc.

Similar to RTD tea and tea bags, FGC also offers Private Label Service for instant herbal tea. With more than 27 years of experience in manufacturing and export, we can provide clients with the best solution, customized flavors, packaging as well as label design as long as they meet the demand and attract consumers worldwide. If you are interested in our Vietnamese tea, please contact us to get the best offer.

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About Future Generation Co., Ltd

Future Generation Company Limited is one of the largest beverage suppliers in Vietnam, with 26 years of experience in production and export. FGC is equipped with modern machines such as Hotfill PET and TetraPak, ensuring high-capacity production. FGC strives to achieve our mission to become Vietnam’s leading healthy beverage company. Our factories also meet international standards such as ISO, HACCP, etc. In addition, we constantly innovate our machinery system, strengthen production capacity, and increase productivity. 

FGC also provides Private Label Services. With this service, we can help customers in researching and formulating beverages, designing product label packaging, and creating their own brands. This is an ideal solution for small and medium enterprises. Moreover, FGC provides free samples for customers to test before bulk orders. We also ensure delivery as fast as possible. 


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