How to choose the best RTD tea packaging types for your products?

RTD tea packaging types

Are you interested in the RTD tea products? Your company wants to develop a product line, but you don’t know what RTD tea packaging type is the most suitable? Let’s explore how to single out the best RTD tea packaging in this article. 


The competition in the RTD tea market is getting fierce because of the high demand of consumers. So, how to make your products stand out among hundreds of products on the shelf? In order to do so, choosing the appropriate packaging types plays an important role. 

The current situation of RTD tea industry

Recently, RTD tea is one of the most appealing drinks, especially among youngsters, thanks to its convenience and unique taste. It has built a position in the global market and is getting increasingly popular because customers are becoming more health-conscious. In 2023, the RTD tea market is expected to be worth US$ 34.3 billion, and grow to US$ 72.9 billion in the next 10 years. 

In addition to the progressive awareness of consumers, there are several reasons why RTD tea is well-known all over the world. One of them is the increase in the quantity of coffee shops and restaurants, as well as the growth of online and offline retailing. This development makes it easier for people to assess, choose, and buy RTD tea. Besides, the RTD tea’s portability, convenience, and eye-catching and diverse packaging also contribute to its popularity. Bottles, cans, or tetra packs with various sizes and volumes are some packaging types applied to RTD tea.

RTD tea is getting more popular
RTD tea is getting more popular

The importance of choosing the suitable RTD tea packaging types

Deciding how your RTD tea is packed and what materials are used is crucial for any beverage suppliers. There are numerous packaging types for RTD beverages in general and RTD tea in particular, including glass bottles, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and tetra pak boxes. RTD tea can be consumed at home, in the office, or when participating in sport or entertainment activities. Therefore, many packaging types are developed to meet the demands of every customer group. 

The choice of RTD tea packaging can offer a chance for tea businesses to define their brands, reflect their positioning, and connect with their target customers. The proper packages not only protect the tea liquor from environmental impacts and during transportation, but they also help attract consumers from the first sight. They have to prevent the penetration of flavor and chemical degradation. Conversely, selecting the improper packaging would bring harmful effects. Choosing an appropriate RTD tea package can help the product reach customers in the best condition, while saving cost and increasing revenue for your business. 

importance of choosing suitable RTD tea packaging types
Choosing a suitable RTD tea packaging types is crucial

How to choose the best RTD tea packaging types

There are several criteria you should consider when determining packaging for your RTD tea, as follows:

Based on the characteristics of your products

The main function of packaging is to protect the quality of the liquor inside, from packing to consuming. Therefore, when choosing the best packaging types for RTD tea, understanding the characteristics of the products is essential. If the drink is sensitive to light or oxide, the packaging should cover it from chemical reactions. 

For example, glass packages are perfect for carbonated drinks as glass can maintain carbonation for a longer time than other materials. Aluminum cans can help prevent UV light from shining directly to the products, but it is unsuitable for pasteurized products. Besides, tetra pak packaging is perfect for aseptic purposes, ensuring freshness for products rich in nutrients and vitamins. It can help protect the tea from heat, humidity and light so the product can have at least six-month shelf life without refrigeration or preservatives. Regarding RTD tea, PET bottles, aluminum cans, tetra pak boxes, or glass bottles are all suitable to keep the flavor, hue, and taste. 

Based on your targeted market 

Purchasing power of the targeted markets is also one of the factors you should consider when choosing packaging types for RTD tea products. If your business focuses on the developing or higher income markets, where consumers have greater purchasing power, you can choose higher quality packaging types such as aluminum cans or glass bottles. 

Understanding your target market’s trends is also important to approach more customers. For instance, bottled tea dominates in the United States and China, while metal packages are favored in Europe. One of the current trends is that consumers care more about environmentally friendly products, resulting in recyclable materials being preferred. Glass, tetra pak cartons or recycled bottles are some of the best options. Aluminum cans also have a high recycling rate and more recycled content than other popular packaging. Besides, the size and volume of containers also depend on the demand of each market. 

how to choose RTD tea packaging types
Understanding the market before deciding RTD tea packaging

Based on your company’s purposes 

How to choose suitable RTD tea’s packaging also relies on the purposes of your business. In case you want to export or transport the products over long journeys, fragile materials like glass might not be a good option. It is because glass is quite heavy and brittle, and broken glass bottles can create sharp debris and endanger the carriers. In contrast, aluminum cans or plastic bottles are very light and easy for transportation or distribution. 

If your campaign is to show the color and texture of the product inside, aluminum cans or tetra pak boxes will not be ideal choices. Instead, plastic or glass containers will deliver your purposes better. However, can packaging bring an excellent printing performance, perfect for reflecting the product and brand. 

Based on the scope of budget

Budget is an important part that you need to determine before considering RTD tea packaging types. It will decide which materials your company can apply. Glass packaging can protect the liquor quality well and bring the feeling of premium products, but its cost is pretty high. It is because its manufacturing processes require a significant amount of energy. Besides, glass bottles are easy to break, so the cost of transportation is also higher. More budget-friendly options for RTD tea packaging can be plastic bottles or aluminum cans.  

Budget is an important part that you need to consider carefully


Have you got the importance of choosing appropriate packaging? Product features, target markets’ trends, company’s purposes and budget should be considered carefully before determining. Combining all these criteria, you will single out the most suitable packaging types for your RTD tea products. 

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