How to make peach tea with peaches in 5 steps?

how to make peach tea with peaches

Fragrant peach combined with tea juice is always an attractive and sought-after drink. How to make peach tea with peaches easily at home? Let’s continue to read to find out. 


Making peach tea from fresh peaches allows you to enjoy the milder sweet taste full of natural peach flavor. FGC will introduce you to the simplest way to make pickled peaches at home to enjoy whenever you want. Summer is coming very soon, quench your thirst with delicious peach tea with these pickled peaches! 

What are the differences between peach syrup and pickled peaches? 

Regarding peach syrup, the peaches are smashed in the sugared water to release as much juice as possible. This will create a pinkish orange, golden hue pasty mixture. Normally, peach syrup will bring a stronger peach flavor when combined with tea due to a large amount of peach juice extracted.

In terms of pickled peaches, peach still retains their characteristic scent, sweet and sour water. Meanwhile, pickled peaches are attractive because of fragrant and crispy pieces. There is even no need for any other ingredients except for just a little ice, a mixture of pickled peach water and peach pieces can become a refreshing drink for the summer.

Differences between peach syrup and pickled peaches
Differences between peach syrup and pickled peaches

How many calories are in a glass of peach tea?

Each type of peach depending on the preparation method will have a different calorie content. In general, a glass of peach tea contains about 80 to 120 calories based on the proportion of the ingredients. A cup of peach tea containing 100 grams of pickled peaches will produce around 96 calories. If you vary the amount of peach or sugar in the recipe, the total calories will change. 

If you are on a diet or just simply want to limit the amount of sugar taken in, you need to drink peach tea in a scientific, controlled and balanced way with the amount of food in each meal. With the main ingredients being water, minerals and vitamins, drinking peach tea 30 minutes before meals will help you control your hunger. Making peach tea at home is a good way for you to manage the amount of sugar in the drink. 

How to make peach tea with peaches?


In order to make a fruity glass of peach tea, you will need to prepare the following five main ingredients. All of them are easy to find and can be varied in quantity to suit your demand and diet. 

  • Fresh peaches: 500 gram
  • Sugar: 300 gram
  • 1 Lemon/ lime or vinegar
  • Salt
  • 2 tea bags, which are usually black tea
Ingredients for making peach tea with pickled peaches 
Ingredients for making peach tea with pickled peaches


Step 1: Processing the ingredients

Peaches bought should be washed and cleaned carefully. Then they will be cut into 4 or 6 pieces and soaked in diluted salt water to avoid darkening. After a while, you take the peaches out, peel them and continue to soak them in salted water. 

Step 2: Preparing the pickled water

Put a teaspoon of sugar in the pot, using the heat to make them turn into a slightly yellow color. Then add a half liter of water and the sugar left in the pot and boil. 

Step 3: Cooking the peaches 

When the sugar mixture has boiled, put the soaked peaches in the pot. Cook for about five minutes before turning off the heat and fish the peaches out of the pot to a bowl to let them cool.

Step 4: Pickling the peaches

After the sugar water cools down, put the lemon, lime juice or vinegar into that mixture, stir and put it into a jar. Then fish the peaches and let them into that jar and keep it in the fridge for 24 hours.

Step 5: Making peach tea

Put the tea bags in a glass, add boiled water and let the tea steep for about 3 minutes. Then add the pickled peach water, and a few slices of fresh peach into the tea and stir the mixture. Add some ice and your peach tea is ready to enjoy.  

Making tea with pickled peaches
Making tea with pickled peaches

You can find out another way to make peach tea here:

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What should be noticed when making peach tea with pickled peach?

Choosing peaches

Making delicious peach tea depends not only on the preparation method, but also on the selection of the ingredients, especially peaches. The chosen whole peaches should be fresh, not crushed or wormed. To retain the crispiness of the peaches, you should choose ones which are just ripe and in the middle of the season. 

Brewing tea

There are many types of tea bags to make peach tea on the market, but the most suitable one is black tea (red tea) to bring the right taste. Besides, you should use 90 degree Celsius instead of 100 degree Celsius to avoid the acrid and bitter taste. Before brewing tea, you should rinse the tea with hot water to make it clear, clean and fragrant. 

Storing the pickled peaches 

Pickled peaches can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 month. When taking the peach pieces, the spoon must be clean and dry because unclean one can make the peaches spoil faster. If you want the peaches to be preserved longer, you can put the whole jar of peaches in boiling water and keep for about 10 minutes.

Storing pickled peaches
Pickled peaches can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 month

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