How to make preserved apricots?

How to make preserved apricots?

This blog will guide you on how to make preserved apricots, a popular base for many beverage products on the market.

Take a journey through the blog to pick your good-fit recipe.

General understanding of preserved apricots

An apricot is a type of fruit that belongs to the genus Prunus. The fruit was known as abrecock in Middle French when it first appeared in English in the 16th century. Apricots, both raw and dried, have a high nutritional value, including energy, carbohydrate (including natural sugar and dietary fiber), fat, protein, and so on. As a result, the fruits are widely used in a variety of products.

Preserved apricots are a unique method of processing apricots based on traditional Vietnamese preserving methods. This method of preserving not only gives the fruits appealing tastes and flavors, but it also helps to keep them for a long time.

How to make preserved apricots?

The following nutrients are found in abundance in apricots and are all good for human health: tartaric acid, citric acid, sucrose, dextrin, isooquexetin, lycopene, vitamin C, quexitin, starch, and beta-carotene. Additionally, the mycobacterium component found in apricots is a substance that has potent antimicrobial properties.

A fairly large amount of vitamins are present in preserved apricot juice, which is excellent for oxygen metabolism in cells and lowers the risk of myocardial infarction, respiratory disease, atherosclerosis, as well as inflammatory or fibrotic diseases. liver in its initial stages.

On the other hand, apricots contain minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, and others that can convert vitamin A and benefit the body by assisting it in fending off attacks from free radicals. favorable to health.

Get more helpful knowledge about Preserved Apricots by reading the post below:

Facts about sweet and sour preserved apricots

How to make sugar preserved apricots?

How to make preserved apricots?

There’s nothing better than a glass of refreshing sugar-soaked apricot juice in the hot season. Follow these steps to make preserved apricots with sugar:

  • Ingredients: ripe apricots, sugar, salt, water
  • Instructions:

Step 1: Process ingredients

First, you choose the apricots that are waterlogged and damaged, then wash the apricots with dilute salt water and drain. Then use a toothpick to gently remove the stem.

How to make preserved apricots?

Step 2: Soak apricots with sugar

You can pick two common ways to soak apricots with sugar:

Method 1: Soak apricots with sugar-processed water

You put the washed apricots in a basket to steam for 1 minute to remove all the feathers, then take them out and let them cool.

Put the pot on the stove, pour 500ml of filtered water and add 500g of sugar and 50g of salt, stir until the mixture dissolves and boils, then turn off the heat, and let it cool. Take a clean glass jar, arrange the apricots and pour the sugar-water mixture to cover the surface of the apricots. Close the lid tightly, and for about 1 month you will have a delicious sugar-soaked dream.

Method 2: Soak apricots with sugar

After you use a toothpick to take the stem of the apricot, use another toothpick to poke a few holes around the apricot stem. Prepare a clean glass jar, put a layer of sugar in the bottom of the jar, then put a layer of apricots on top.

Continue making until 500g apricots and 500g sugar are exhausted, then close the lid and place in a cool place, away from direct light. After 20 to 30 days, the sugar has dissolved and you can use it.

Step 3: Finished product

Through two ways of soaking apricots, you will get a beautiful iridescent yellow mixture, you put the apricots into a glass and a little water to soak the apricots, crush them and add a little ice. The taste is cool, sweet and sour, making the spirit comfortable and lucid.

How to make preserved apricots?

How to make salt preserved apricots?

Salted apricot is not only a drink to help clear heat but also cures many diseases. Follow these steps to make preserved apricots with salt:

  • Ingredients: ripe apricots, sugar, salt
  • Instructions:

Step 1: Process ingredients

First, you choose beautiful apricots, not deep or bruised, then use a toothpick to remove the stem, then soak in dilute salt water for 10 minutes to remove dirt and then take it out to dry. Put the steamer on the stove, put the apricots in and steam for 5 minutes to remove the feathers around the apricots.

Cook a pot of water on the stove, add 250g of sugar and 250g of salt and stir until the mixture is dissolved, then turn off the heat.

Step 2: Soak apricots with salt

You prepare a large glass jar that has been washed and soaked in hot water, let it dry. Stack 250g of sugar and 250g of salt with 1kg of pre-processed apricots, respectively. First, add 1 layer of salt and 1 layer of sugar, then layer 1 layer of apricots until all the ingredients are used up.

Next, put a sieve over the mouth of the jar, filter the salt and sugar mixture into the jar and then close the lid, so you have a salted apricot dish to cool off.

Step 3: Finished product

Place the jar in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. After 1 month, you can use soaked apricot juice.

Open the lid of the jar, you will smell the sweet and sour aroma of apricots when soaked, the water has an eye-catching amber color, making everyone want to taste it.

Explore trendy beverages from preserved apricots

As the leading tea and beverage products, we provide many beverage products made from juicy and tea base. Explore 3 distinctive drinks from preserved apricots below. What is your best-fit one?

  • Salted Apricot Tea


Products from fresh preserved apricots you should try

Salted Apricot Tea is a refreshing beverage, made from salt-preserved apricot syrup and tea base, produced with the Vietnamese traditional method. Apart from the fragrant flavor of apricot and the distinctively acrid taste note of tea, the product also gives consumers convenience and an original taste.

With tea base, the beverage provides drinkers a certain amount of caffeine that help them stay alert and energetic. 

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  • Salt Preserved Apricots

Products from fresh preserved apricots you should try

Salt Preserved Apricots is a healthy juice made from apricots, with Vietnamese unique making method. The beverage is trendy, healthy, and distinctive in taste and flavor, with fragrance from apricots, plus slightly salty and sour tastes generated from the fruit preserving process.

The product is great for every consumer, both teenagers and seniors. In particular, the juice of preserved apricots is ideal for burning hot days in summer.

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  • Sugar Preserved Apricots

Products from fresh preserved apricots you should try

If you are not familiar with salty-sour juice, Sugar Preserved Apricots can be a good-fit beverage for you. Made from apricots that are preserved with sugar, the juice comes in sweet and sour tastes that attract millions of consumers.

As a bottled fruit juice, the drink gives consumers convenience and flexibility. It is ideal for such a currently busy and fast life when people need refreshing beverages to improve energy for hard days of working or studying.

Nevertheless, with high amount of vitamins, flavonoids, and potassium, fiber, protein, the juice has significant health benefits. Consuming the drink regularly helps promote eye health, boost skin health, protect liver, etc.

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Preserving with sugar and salt is the two most common methods to make preserved apricots. Pick the above simple steps to make your favorite juice.

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