Iced passion fruit tea: A fruity refreshing drink

Iced passion fruit tea

If you are a big fan of passion fruit, you cannot skip this amazing iced passion fruit tea. Let’s explore more about this refreshing drink through this article.


Passion fruit is a familiar ingredient in the food and beverage field. With a featured hue and tropical taste, it is widely used in drinks, desserts, and even salad. Combined with a tea base, it will bring a flavor that cannot be ignored. FGC will provide you with more information about this wonderful drink as well as its benefits and notices when drinking.

What is iced passion fruit tea?

Iced passion fruit tea is a harmonious combination of passion fruit, tea leaves with some cool ice cubes, making it a refreshing enjoyment, especially in summers. Passion fruit is a tropical fruit with many nutrients. Besides, tea is also popular due to its huge benefits. With just a few popular ingredients, iced passion fruit tea now is favored by people of all ages. 

Iced passion fruit tea is full of tropical flavor and a slightly sour, sweet taste. It also has a characteristic yellow color with a clean crisp finish. It is definitely one of the perfect choices to beat the heat of the summer. 

Iced passion fruit tea is the harmonious combination of passion fruit, tea leaves
Iced passion fruit tea is a combination of passion fruit and tea leaves

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What to know about passion fruit tea drink

Why should you drink passion fruit tea? 

Iced passion fruit tea is favored not only by its taste and aroma but also by its health benefits due to the large number of antioxidants and minerals in passion fruit as well as tea leaves. So, this drink is worth choosing for the following reasons:

Good for type 2 diabetes 

Patients with type 2 diabetes can benefit greatly from iced passion fruit tea. It is thanks to the piceatannol in this drink, which can enhance the function of the hormone insulin in the stomach and significantly lower blood sugar levels. Besides, iced passion fruit tea also contains a large amount of fiber, especially soluble fiber. It supports the body to digest carbohydrates easily even after a meal high in carbs, which contributes to preventing blood sugar spikes. 

Good for weight loss

It is also the fiber in iced passion fruit tea that helps you feel full longer and prevents you from overeating. Besides, antioxidants are the main ingredient that helps fight cellulite and dissolve fat deposits in areas such as bellies, thighs, waists, biceps, etc. Meanwhile, antioxidants in tea leaves like EGCG and catechin encourage the metabolism in your body and help it break down fat more quickly.  

Good for hair and skin

Vitamin C is proven to be abundant in iced passion fruit tea, along with many other antioxidants. They aid our bodies in regenerating dead skin cells and forming new ones more quickly, contributing to healthier and glowing skin. Besides, vitamin B2 and B6 in passion fruit when seeping into tea will support the healthy growth of hair. 

Good for eyesight

Iced passion fruit tea contains beta-carotene which comes from the fruit. This plant compound helps our bodies to generate vitamin A. Vitamin A is already known as an essential mineral for our bodies to protect and preserve good vision throughout time.

Iced passion fruit tea is favored not only by its taste and aroma but also its health benefits
Iced passion fruit tea is favored by its taste, aroma, and health benefits

Who should not drink iced passion fruit tea?

Because there are numerous health advantages of iced passion fruit tea, many people drink it regularly. However, it is not suitable for all types of people, especially when it is overused. Following are some situations that people should consider carefully before drinking it:

People who are hungry

Because of the acid content in iced passion fruit tea, it is not wise to drink it when you are hungry. The habit of consuming sour foods and drinks on an empty stomach causes it to be corroded by acid during contractions. This might lead to stomach ulcers and even stomach bleeding. According to experts, it is better to drink iced passion fruit tea after meals for around 30 minutes.

People suffering from stomach diseases

It is recommended that patients with stomach disease should not arbitrarily eat acidic foods, including passion fruit. Consuming too much iced passion fruit tea at once can aggravate the symptoms of stomach diseases such as acid reflux syndrome, heartburn, etc. People with stomach disease should follow a doctor consultancy to suit their health conditions. 

People with allergies

It is not common, but there is a group of people who might react to allergens in passion fruit or other ingredients. They should not consume iced passion fruit tea because it can cause urticaria, difficulty breathing, and angioedema. In the worst scenario, it can be life-threatening. 

People who are taking medicines

According to some research, some components in iced passion fruit tea, especially in passion fruit, can react with sedatives, antibiotics, and increase the feeling of drowsiness. Especially for anticoagulants, passion fruit can cause bleeding. Besides, pregnant and lactating women should limit this drink to avoid negative effects. 

Iced passion fruit tea can bring some negative effects for some people 
Iced passion fruit tea can bring some negative effects for some people


If you are looking for a juicy, fruity and refreshing drink, iced passion fruit tea can be a great option. With numerous health benefits, it can be added to a healthy diet. However, you should understand your body’s condition to bring the best results. 

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