Orange lemongrass peach tea – A wonderful recipe for summer

orange lemongrass peach tea

Orange lemongrass peach tea is considered an explosion of flavors from the lemongrass-infused tea along with peaches and oranges. In this article, FGC will provide you with some interesting information about this drink.  


Orange lemongrass peach tea is a blending of peach, tea, lemongrass, and orange juice, creating a healthy and refreshing beverage. This drink is popular in Asian areas, usually served in coffee or tea shops. If you are seeking a fruity and cool drink, this one will be a great option. 

Can lemongrass be used in tea?

Lemongrass is a tall and stalky plant, which tastes citrus, fresh and lemony. Lemongrass is considered a folk treatment and is believed to improve sleep quality and immunity and lessen pain. It is a popular ingredient in the food and beverage field and is easily seen in the combination with tea. 

Among the combinations, orange lemongrass peach tea is one of the most common drinks in summer. Enjoying a cup of orange lemongrass peach tea on hot summer days is wonderful. This one combines cold-pressed orange juice with peach syrup or pickled peaches and tea steeped with fresh lemongrass. 

The addition of lemongrass enhances the flavor of the original drink. The gentle aroma of lemongrass, the cool peach tea on the tip of the tongue, along with the mild sourness of orange cloves definitely attract you. Continue to read to find out more interesting information about this amazing drink. 

Lemongrass and tea is a popular combination
Lemongrass and tea is a popular combination


What is orange lemongrass peach tea good for?

Orange lemongrass peach tea is a refreshing drink, with a sweet taste and pleasant scent. It is also good for health because of its nutritious ingredients including oranges, peaches, lemongrass, and tea. So, this beverage is a rich source of vitamins A and C, fiber, and antioxidant properties. 

Good for heart

Soluble fiber in orange and lemongrass peach tea helps protect the blood circulation in the heart. It also strengthens immunity and detoxifies the body. Meanwhile, insoluble fiber supports reducing bad cholesterol levels in the blood and improving blood pressure.

Beautify skin

Peaches and oranges contain a large amount of fiber, vitamin C content, and antioxidants. This drink assists in improving the skin from deep inside, providing moisture and reducing darkening. It is because of the increase in the process of eliminating toxins from the kidney. 

Good for teeth and bones

Orange lemongrass orange peach tea contains a large amount of calcium and fluoride. These two elements are beneficial for bones and teeth. So, drinking this orange lemongrass peach tea will help you keep your teeth and bones strong.

Support weight loss

If you are on a diet, one good news is that orange lemongrass peach tea is beneficial to fat burning. This will make the weight loss process more effective. However, you have to control your drink to make sure that there is no sugar added except for the natural gentle sweetness from the fruits.  

Orange lemongrass has lots of health benefits
Orange lemongrass has lots of health benefits

How to make and preserve orange lemongrass peach tea at home?

Because of its huge health benefits, some people might think that orange lemongrass peach tea is very difficult to make at home. However, the fact is that its recipe is so simple with just a few ingredients. Let’s find out how to make and preserve this amazing drink at home.

Making orange lemongrass peach tea at home

The ingredients of this beverage are all easy to find. You can easily make orange lemongrass peach tea by yourself just through several steps as follow:

Ingredients (for 3 servings):

  • 3 tea bags (green tea or black tea)
  • 2 stalk lemongrass
  • 2 oranges
  • 6 slices of peach in syrup
  • Honey/ sugar (optional)
  • Water


  • Cut the lemongrass in half and slightly crush them to release more flavor.
  • Pour 3 cups of water into a pot, add lemongrass chunks, bring the pot to a heat, and let it simmer for 15 minutes. Depending on personal taste, you can add sugar or honey in this step. 
  • Add the tea bags into the pot for 5 more minutes, then take them and the lemongrass out.
  • Cut the oranges in half and squeeze for juice while reserving some orange slices.
  • Pour the lemongrass tea mixture into glasses, add peach syrup and some orange juice, then stir. 
  • Add some ice and garnish the drink with some orange slices, peach slices, and lemongrass chunks to complete. 
Orange lemongrass peach tea is easy to make at home.
Orange lemongrass peach tea is easy to make at home.

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Preserving orange lemongrass peach tea

Orange lemongrass peach tea is a great beverage that is loved by many people. With easy preparation methods, homemade ones are very popular. However, this beverage will become ruined if you don’t know how to preserve it properly.

This is a fresh drink so when making this tea yourself at home, you should only prepare a sufficient amount to use during the day. When leaving orange lemongrass peach tea overnight, some types of bad bacteria will form, affecting the taste and the health of the drinkers. So, try to calculate a sufficient number of ingredients to enjoy orange lemongrass peach tea in the most delicious way.


Orange lemongrass peach tea is not only tasty but also a healthy drink. Made of good and easy-to-find ingredients, the recipe is also simple to make at home. So, why not make a big jar of orange lemongrass peach tea to let your family enjoy it together today?

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