Salt preserved lemons uses – Explore 5 amazing ways that you must try

salt preserved lemons uses

Salt preserved lemons uses are generally known in beverages. However, it is an indispensable ingredient in Moroccan cuisine. 

This article will let you know several ways to use preserved lemons.


As you know, salt-preserved lemon is a great method that helps you to keep the lemons for a long time. Not only that, they are well-known for their unique flavor and great contribution to many dishes. Using preserved lemons is one of the best and easiest ways to increase the taste of your food. SO what are salt preserved lemons uses?

Reasons you should use salt preserved lemons

Lemons bring sour taste, one of six key flavors that we can’t live without. Salt preserved lemons can work well with other ingredients in several dishes, increasing the richness of the food. People also use it to make and decorate some drinks such as cocktails, mocktails, tea, etc.

Besides, salt preserved lemon is a great source of substances beneficial to health. The high content of vitamin C in lemons as well as the essential minerals in salt can boost energy, improve healthy digestion and increase immune function. Preserved lemons are also considered a fruit juice that can detox and prevent many diseases.


The taste of salt preserved lemons

Salted preserved lemon has a yellow color, the lemon is soft but retains its shape. Typical flavors are sour and salty. You can taste it in both the juice and lemons. Why make salt preserved lemons uses popular?

The combination of the sourness of lemons and the salty of salt creates a balanced and complex taste. Salt preserved lemons, due to natural fermentation, are more concentrated, intense, and have an umami flavor. The peel usually is soft to the touch and slightly bitter, satiny in the mouth. They add a richer taste to any dish. Preserved lemon can be served hot or cold, so you can easily prepare it in many recipes.

Salt preserved lemon is a great source of substances beneficial to health
    Salt preserved lemon is a great source of substances beneficial to health

Salt preserved lemons use

Many salt preserved lemons uses will be shown in this article. Firstly, you need to know that preserved lemons contain two main parts: the peel and the pulp. The pulp is softer and usually mashed and stirred in stews, soups, and sauces. On the other hand, the lemon peel is firmer and has a little bitter, richer taste. That’s why it is cut into small pieces and added to salads and other dishes.


In food recipes, salt-preserved lemon is mentioned as an ingredient that improves the taste of dishes. Salt preserved lemons uses are mainly in dressings, salads and tagines? If you have never cooked with preserved lemons, you can consider some ideas below:

  • Dressings

Salt preserved lemon is used as a dressing for salads or fish. You can mix chopped salted lemon with wine vinegar, olives, capers, and other fresh herbs. It will make a fantastic addition to your dishes. Or adding it to your regular salad dressings, you may have a distinctive taste. Because it is more fragrant than regular lemon juice.

  • Salads

Instead of adding preserved lemon to dressings, you can put it in your salads. Grain salads or any of your favorite salads when added with preserved lemon will be more attractive. Cut the fruit into small pieces and mix with chickpeas, bell pepper, tomatoes, and other fresh herbs such as mint, basil, etc. Now you can enjoy the surprising taste of your salad.

  • Stews, soups, and tagines

In North African cuisine, salt preserved lemons are commonly used to brighten rich, savory stews and soups. Chicken tagine with preserved lemons is certainly the most well-known dish for these lemons. It also works well in beef stews, beans stews, or any other hearty dishes.

Salt preserved lemons uses to brighten rich, savory stews and soups
           Salt preserved lemons uses to brighten rich, savory stews and soups


Salt preserved lemons, when added to any beverage, will make it more refreshing. Drinks from preserved lemons mixed with soda and other ingredients are more popular in Vietnam. Here are two guidelines that you can try:

  • Cocktail and mocktail

In this beverage, the peel of salt-preserved lemon will be ground to mash and mixed with sparkling water and crushed ice. You can also try adding some slices of preserved lemon to cocktails such as martinis, gin, and tonics. Some cocktails that can be made with these lemons are preserved lemons with grapefruit cocktails, preserved lemons with rosemary cocktails, etc. This is also a typical summer drink.

A typical summer drink from salt preserved lemons uses
                       A typical summer drink from salt preserved lemons uses
  • Tea

In Vietnam, the salt preserved lemons uses are mainly in beverages. This fruit juice will be diluted with water and added with some ice cubes to make a refreshing drink in summer. In addition, preserved lemon blended with tea leaves is also an extraordinary beverage. Imagine drinking it really cold under a hot sun, it would be so wonderful.

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If you have plenty of lemons, you can make salt preserved lemons and try these recipes. It can work well in a lot of dishes and drinks. They’re absolutely delicious and bring lots of unique flavors.



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