What are preserved apricots?

What are preserved apricots?

Preserved apricots are a special way of processing apricots, based on Vietnamese traditional preserving methods. This blog is going to guide you through all the information about such a fantastic product.

What is the so-called “preserved apricots”?


What are preserved apricots

An apricot is a fruit, belonging to several species in the genus Prunus. The fruit first appeared in English in the 16th century and was known as abrecock from the Middle French. Both raw and dried apricots contain many nutritional value such as energy, carbohydrate including natural sugar and dietary, fat, protein, etc. That is why the fruits are used widely in many products. 

Preserved apricots are a special way of processing apricots, based on Vietnamese traditional preserving methods. This way of preserving not only brings the fruits attractive tastes and flavors but helps to keep them in a long time. 

Beneficial compounds in apricot fruits


What are preserved apricots

Apricots contain a lot of nutrients beneficial to human health, they include: tartric acid, citric acid, sucrose, dextrin, isooquexetin, lycopene, vitamin C, quexitin, starch and carotene,… In addition, the mycobacterium component present in apricots is a compound with effective antimicrobial effects.

In soaked apricot juice (apricots soaked in sugar) has a fairly abundant amount of vitamins, which is very good in oxygen metabolism in cells, reducing the risk of myocardial infarction, respiratory disease, atherosclerosis as well as inflammatory or fibrotic diseases. liver in the early stages.

On the other hand, minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. contained in apricots can convert vitamin A, thereby helping the human body to resist attack from free radicals, bringing benefits. great for health.

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How to make tea from preserved apricots with sugar?

Apricot juice soaked in sugar is a delicious and healthy drink. You can completely make your own sugar-soaked apricot juice at home for daily use by following these steps:

Step 1: Before making, what you need is:

  • 1kg of fresh apricots (you should choose smooth and round apricots, reddish-yellow color)
  •  500g sugar
  • 100g of granulated salt
  • 1 clean glass jar and estimate the volume of the jar so that after pouring the soaked apricots in, there is 5cm left.

Step 2: Ingredient preparation

Prepare ingredients by removing bruised or mushy apricots. Then bring the apricots to soak with diluted salt water to clean the fluff and disinfect them. 

After about an hour, if the outer hair of the apricot has fallen off, you should take it out and drain the water. Then, use a toothpick to remove the stem of the apricot, or you can also soak the apricot in clear lime water to make the apricot crunchier.

Step 3: Mix apricots with sugar

Thoroughly rinse the glass jar with hot water and dry it

Next, spread a layer of sugar to cover the bottom of the jar about 2cm, then spread a layer of apricots and continue to pour sugar into the water 1cm. 

Repeat these steps until the sugar and apricots are about 5cm from the mouth of the jar. 

Such repeated steps facilitate apricot fermentation because there will be space for the gas to fly out, and the jar will not be broken.

Step 4: Add a little salt to the mixture and keep the preserved apricots in ideal environment

What are preserved apricots

Add 1 pinch of salt to the jar before closing the lid to prevent the apricots from turning yellow. However, be careful not to give too much because salt will make the sweetness sharper, and the water brackish. 

Once the lid is closed, place the jar in a cool place. 

Note that when soaking, you should occasionally use chopsticks to stir the sugar that has accumulated at the bottom of the jar.

Preserved apricots will be shriveled and emerged after roughly 30 days. That is the moment to prove that you followed the right recipe to make such distinctive preserving fruits. 

Preserved apricots are among the most popular methods to keep the apricots to used in many products. For more information about such special fruits, please contact us!

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