What does durian milk tea taste like?

what does durian milk tea taste like

Milk tea with durian flavor is a popular beverage which gains great attraction in Southeast Asia. What does durian milk tea taste like?


Durian milk tea stands out from other milk teas with its distinctive durian smell. It is chosen by thousands of consumers when they want to try the taste of durian fruit. With a gentle and delicious taste, durian milk tea has helped bring durian closer to consumers outside of Southeast Asia. So what does durian milk tea taste like?

What does durian taste like?

Durian has such a unique and terrible odor that not all consumers want to try it for the first time. For those who have eaten ripe durian fruit and love it, durian is an addictive fruit with an amazing taste that none of the other fruits have. So why does durian smell so weird? How can its taste be described as?

If the smell of durians is familiar in Southeast Asia, it is considered a terrible smell by others. Its smell is compared to rotten onions, rotten eggs, or turpentine. Researchers have shown that a chemical compound called ethanethiol is responsible for the smell of durian fruit. When durian ripens, its ethionine content increases, that is the reason why durian smells so pungent. However, those who like durian suppose that its smell is aromatic and make them want to try it. 

For locals, the stronger it smells, the better the durian fruit will taste. There are several varieties of durian, so they will have some differences in taste. In general, the ripe durian has a sweet, soft, custardy taste with a creamy texture. According to the varieties, some durians are slightly bitter, some have a note of caramel and vanilla. Durian without bitterness is commonly used in durian milk tea. What does durian milk tea taste like? Does it so pungent?

what does durian milk tea taste like - durian
                                          There are several varieties of durian

What does durian milk tea taste like?

Compared to ripe durian, durian milk tea has less durian flavor and odor and is not much overwhelming. This makes durian milk tea a perfect drink for those who try durian flavor for the first time. What does durian milk tea taste like? Rich, sweet, and creamy are words that can describe the taste of durian milk tea. It balances the sweetness of durian and the bitter taste of black tea, creating a delicious drink.

A sip of durian milk tea is a creamy explosion of incongruent flavors that awakens the taste buds on the tip of the tongue. Although it is a combination of durian, tea, and milk, durian milk tea has less tea flavor while the durian flavor is more prominent. Durian brings a smooth creamy taste with a quite thick consistency. Thanks to that, durian milk tea has a creamy and mouth-watering taste that gains a lot of attraction from Southeast Asians. 

what does durian milk tea taste like - taste
                                      Durian brings a smooth creamy taste

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What is durian milk tea?

Why should you buy ready-to-drink durian milk tea from FGC?

Founded in 1996, FGC is now the leading tea supplier in Vietnam, with more than 26 years in tea and beverage production. Our products are exported and consumed in more than 50 countries in the world. FGC is one of the best private-label beverage producers that can satisfy all customer requests in terms of service quality, expertise, product originality, and variety of packaging. Why should you buy ready-to-drink durian milk tea from FGC?

Delicious taste and real flavor from natural ingredients

As a Southeast Asian country, Vietnam grows and produces a large number of durian products. FGC is sourcing from Vietnam and other regions to select the best quality ingredients such as durian fruit, tea, etc. Produced from natural ingredients and high-tech lines, FGC’s durian milk tea has a delicious taste with a real flavor and aroma of fresh durian. Moreover, no extra flavoring or preservative is added, which makes durian milk tea safe for consumers.

Convenient and trending packaging

Durian milk tea is packed in Tetra Pak cartons, PET bottles, or Slim Cans according to the customers’ needs. These packages are compact, making it easy for consumers to carry and drink them anywhere, every time. FGC also introduces Private Label Service, which assists in designing attractive and trending labels for durian milk tea. We consult the most suitable packaging types as well as the most economical solutions which are best to ensure food hygiene and healthy milk tea. 

Competitive price and fast delivery

FGC owns several cutting-edge production machine lines that allow us to produce thousands of durian milk tea bottles per minute. Thanks to the optimization of production costs and raw materials, we confidently offer our customers competitive prices while still ensuring the quality as expected. With high-capacity factories and diverse sources of ingredients, FGC guarantees stable and continuous production, guaranteeing prompt and on-time delivery for clients around the world. 

what does durian milk tea taste like - FGC
                                     Ready-to-drink durian milk tea from FGC

How to order ready-to-drink durian milk tea from FGC?

Here are 4 easy steps to order ready-to-drink durian milk tea products from FGC:

Step 1: You can contact us by

Step 2: Q&A

After that, we can discuss your needs regarding your RTD tea products, then we can fully understand what you want and devise a proper solution for you.

Step 3: Quotation/Sample

We will then create and send you Vietnamese durian milk tea samples based on your need and send you a quotation.

Step 4: Adjustment/Negotiation

At this point, we can continue discussing terms for packaging, payments, logistics, etc. until we reach approval to begin contract signing.

If you are looking for a Durian Milk Tea supplier in Vietnam, don’t hesitate to contact us. FGC’s Sales Department will respond as soon as possible once we receive your call/message to assist you with the Durian Milk Tea product, packaging, import procedure, sample submission, and quotation.

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