What does ginseng tea taste like?

what does ginseng tea taste like

Ginseng tea has been popular for generations thanks to its potential health advantages. So, what does ginseng tea taste like? 


Ginseng tea is made from the root of the ginseng plant, which is a perennial and slow-growing plant. A ginseng tea taste depends on the type of ginseng used with the outstanding bitterness. In this article, FGC will introduce more information about ginseng tea taste, the differences among various types, and ways to change it. 

What does ginseng tea taste like?

Although ginseng tea might not be as fragrant as many other herbal teas, it still has a pleasant and soothing aroma. Besides, ginseng tea has a distinctive taste described as complex flavors. So, what does ginseng tea taste like in detail? 

Earthy taste

Ginseng root contains many active compounds, including ginsenosides. In addition to potential health benefits, it is the ginsenosides that create the earthiness in ginseng tea. Many people often link the earthy flavor of ginseng tea to that of some root vegetables like beets or carrots or some other root tea such as dandelion or licorice root tea. 

Bitter taste

Besides earthiness, bitterness is another stand-out flavor of ginseng tea. Many people prefer bitterness and value the rich flavor it brings to the tea; meanwhile, it might be the bitterness that some avoid. Depending on which type of ginseng or how ginseng tea is brewed, its bitterness can vary from mild to moderate levels. The more ginseng root you use and the more time you brew the ginseng tea, the more bitter it is. Therefore, you can adjust to reduce or increase the bitter taste based on your taste. 

Sweet taste

To balance the earthy and bitter flavor, ginseng tea also contains a light sweetness. The sources of the sweet taste might come from the natural sugars present in the ginseng root or other sweeteners added when making ginseng tea. Generally, honey or sugar is added at a small amount, in order not to dominate the other flavors.

Spicy taste

Although it is not clear as earthy, bitter, or sweet notes, a hint of spiciness can still be found in ginseng tea. The spicy taste gives a special touch to the tea and goes well with the other components. The spiciness in ginseng tea, combined with the mild sweetness, might be somewhat reminiscent of chai tea, but it lacks strength and variety compared to chai blends. 

ginseng tea taste
Ginseng tea has earthy, bitter, sweet, and spicy notes

What are the different types of ginseng tea and their tastes?

Although ginseng tea might have earthy, bitter, sweet, and spicy notes in general, there are some differences among each type of ginseng. There are many kinds of ginseng tea; however, the two most popular ones are American and Asian ginseng. However, some types of ginseng teas are not made from true ginseng roots, such as Siberian ones. Even though it is not a true ginseng tea, it still has some similar characteristics in flavors and health advantages. You can choose the most suitable one based on your tastes. 

American ginseng tea

Panax quinquefolius, usually known as American ginseng, is a herb native to North America. Compared to other varieties of ginseng roots, American ginseng’s flavor is a little sweeter and less bitter. Besides, American ginseng has a cooler characteristic and is less stimulating. Because of its milder flavor, it is usually used to make tea with a softer taste. 

Asian ginseng tea

Panax ginseng, often called Asian or Korean ginseng, is native to China, Korea, and some Asian cultures. Traditionally, ginseng tea is used for medicinal purposes and boosting energy. It is known to have a more bitter and earthy flavor. One of the common Asian ginseng is Korean red ginseng, which comes in a spicier and stronger taste. 

different types of ginseng tea
There are some differences in American and Asian ginseng tea tastes

How to adjust ginseng tea taste? 

Ginseng tea is considered not easy to drink for all people. Although it is promoted as a healthy drink, some people find its flavor unpleasant and unattractive. If your ginseng tea is not your favorite, there are several ways to adjust it, as follows:

Changing the brewing method

If your ginseng tea is so bitter, one reason might be you let it steep for too long. A small change in the making method can save the taste of the whole drink. Generally, the steeping time is about 5 – 10 minutes, based on your preference. If you want a milder flavor, just let it steep for a shorter time. Besides, water temperature also can affect its bitter levels. To reduce the bitterness, you can use water at a lower temperature and vice versa.

Adding other components

One way to enhance the flavor of ginseng tea is to add some ingredients such as sweeteners, citrus fruits, or other teas and herbs. Sweeteners like honey or sugar are added to balance the bitterness. Meanwhile, citrus fruits like lemon or orange can bring a bright contrast to the earthy note of ginseng tea. Besides, in case you want to create a unique flavor, mix ginseng root with green tea, black tea, or fruit and herbal tea. 

adjust ginseng tea taste
There are several ways to enhance ginseng tea taste

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