What is peach orange iced tea?

orange peach iced tea

Peach orange iced tea is one of the indispensable beverages in summer. So what is peach orange iced tea? Follow this article to figure out more information about this must-tried drink.


Peach orange iced tea has gained the love of customers around the world and become popular on the menu of numerous coffee or tea shops. It is the sweet taste of peach, the slight sourness of orange along with the acid taste that comes from tea leaves that create the attractiveness of this drink. Under the hot sun of summer weather, it would be great if there is a glass of peach orange iced tea to enjoy. 

What is peach orange iced tea? 

Peach orange tea is a combination of orange, peach and fresh green leaves, creating a refreshing taste that is said to be healthy and safe to consume on a daily basis. How about adding peach orange tea with ice? This mixture will create a drink that definitely cools you down during sweltering summer days. 

If you are a big fan of tropical fruits, this drink is undoubtedly a fresh new way to enjoy the special mix of them. You might become addicted to the somewhat sour, sweet, fresh, and juicy flavors of peach orange iced tea. Moreover, the tea’s traditional colors of peach and orange convey a fresh, contemporary, and vibrant look.

orange peach iced tea
An ideal beverage for summer

What are the important ingredients in peach orange iced tea?

Orange, peach and tea leaves are all popular and easy-to-find ingredients in daily life. They are believed and proven to contain many healthy nutrients and are beneficial to people’s health. Although the recipe may change according to the taste of each tea shop or personal preference, there are still three main elements. Let’s find out in detail all the fundamental ingredients in this refreshing beverage!


Oranges first appeared in Southern China, Northeast India, and Myanmar. Orange trees are commonly grown in tropical and subtropical areas, including Vietnam, for their fruit. This kind of fruit can be consumed fresh or processed to make diversified products in the food and drink field. Orange is also one of the most common ingredients due to its natural flavor varying from sweet to sour. 

Oranges are primarily made up of carbohydrates and water. They not only have very little protein, fat and a low calorie count, but also are a good source of vitamin C and fiber. All the nutrients help boost the immune system, protect against chronic disease and enhance our hearts. 


Orange is a rich source of vitamin C


Peach is an edible fruit that originated in Eastern China. Today, peach trees are mainly grown in Asian nations such as Vietnam, China, etc. This is commonly seen in the food industry, including tea because of its aromatic flavor and sweet taste. 

Peaches are considered rich sources of vitamin A, fiber and vitamin C, which are all beneficial to human’s health. These nutrients will help improve skin health, contribute to smooth digestion and prevent some kinds of cancer. So, this is a great ingredient for daily use. 


Tea leaves 

Tea was first consumed in China thousands of years ago. In peach orange iced tea, fresh tea leaves are harvested from tea farms in the mountainous regions, mostly in northern Vietnam. These areas normally have an altitude of over 1000 meters above sea level.

Tea is proven to bring numerous healthy effects such as enhancing the immune system, avoiding inflammation, reducing the rate of heart attack and contributing to the weight loss process. These are reasons why this is a safe ingredient to consume everyday.

Orange peach iced tea contains all healthy ingredients

Why should you try peach orange iced tea?

So should you give peach orange iced tea a try? This beverage contains nưmeous healthy ingredients. Besides, when added with ice, this combination makes this drink more attractive and refreshing. Some typical reasons why you should choose peach orange iced tea are as followed: 

Enhancing mood

Peach orange iced tea is the perfect combination of the coolness brought by ice and the slightly sour, sweet, fresh and juicy taste. This beverage can bring you energy to overcome the heat of the summer and immediately feel refreshed. So, it is a good choice to cool down and recharge your batteries. 

Boosting immune system 

Peach orange iced tea gives a significant amount of vitamin C from peach and orange fruit while also containing a lot of antioxidants. As a result, it aids in increasing the body’s resistance and reduces tension and exhaustion. So, consuming this beverage regularly will enhance immunity and support the body in fighting against common diseases like flu, sore throat, etc. 

Reducing skin aging

Strong antioxidants found in orange peach tea can aid in the battle against the aging process of the skin. If you are caring about the skin care process, this definitely one of the useful products that should be put on your beverage list. It would be great to enjoy a juicy drink while protecting your skin.

Improving bone and teeth health

The ingredients in peach orange iced tea contain a rich amount of calcium and fluoride which are essential for the health of human bones and teeth and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Enhancing heart health

According to research, the vitamins and minerals in this drink have been linked to improving the integrity of blood vessels and arteries, as well as lowering blood pressure to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Peach orange iced tea helps boost mood and improve health

Where to buy peach orange iced tea in Vietnam?

In the busier life, ready-to-drink peach orange tea is a convenient and economical choice. If you are looking for a peach orange tea supplier, Future Generation Co.,Ltd will be your perfect choice. With 26 years of experience in the Food and Beverage Industry, FGC’s products have met international standards, proven through many certifications including ISO, HALAL, HACCP, VCO, VietGAP, etc. In Private Label Service, FGC is committed to providing customers with the following benefits:

Diverse types of packaging

Customers are free to choose the packaging types including TetraPak Aseptic Box and PET Hotfill Bottle with different volumes. For each type, the most modern technology is applied in the manufacturing process, ensuring the safety and quality of the products inside. 

R&D support

R&D is one of the most vital parts in launching any product. This period will allow customers to predict the risks and improve their goods to meet the demands of their potential markets. With rich experience, FGC’s R&D team will assist every customer in finding the most effective solutions.

R&D department
R&D department

Free label design

FGC’s team is trying to support customers as much as possible. Therefore, the label will be designed freely according to your requirements. It is a helpful way to contribute to brand positioning. 


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