What you should know about chamomile honey tea?

chamomile honey tea

Chamomile honey tea is one of the most favored herbal tea in the world. So, what to know about this wonderful tea drink?


Chamomile honey tea is famous and popular not only in modern times but also thousands of years ago. Its mild taste, relaxing aroma, and natural sweetness attract millions of drinkers over the world. In this article, FGC will give you more information about this fantastic and healthy beverage. 

What is chamomile?

Chamomile, or camomile, is a flowering plant belonging to the daisy family. Chamomile originated in Europe and Western Asia and is currently spread all around the world. Its flowers are small with yellow centers and white petals. The English name “chamomile” comes from the Greek term khamaimēlon, which means “earth apple”. This name somehow describes chamomile’s distinctive flavor as it tastes slightly flowery with apple tones. The ideal growing conditions for chamomile are cool temperatures. It is relatively simple to grow and requires little water or fertilizer. 

There are two different kinds of chamomile, including German chamomile and Roman chamomile. German chamomile has been more popular and widely used for medical purposes for a long time. Today, it is still known as a natural herbal treatment for insomnia, anxiety, and digestive issues. The flowering tops of chamomile plants, when bloomed, are picked up and used in numerous fields such as cosmetics, aromatherapy, or beverages, especially in making tea, which is favored all over the world. 

what is chamomile
Chamomile is a flowering plant belonging to daisy family

What is chamomile honey tea?


Chamomile honey tea is a herbal tea that is well-known as a combination of chamomile flowers and honey. However, there is a caffeinated version of this chamomile honey tea by adding tea leaves, which come from a plant called Camellia sinensis. There are many types of tea because of the difference in growing locations, processing methods, etc. While some have radically distinct profiles with hints of sweetness, flower, or grass, others may have cooled, mildly bitter, and astringent flavors. 

Honey is a sweet and viscous fluid made by honey bees. Bees collect and refine sugary plant fluids, mainly floral nectar, to generate honey. 80% of honey is sugar, with high concentration of monosaccharides fructose and glucose. It is a popular ingredient in the food and drink industry and is served in numerous forms. For thousands of years, honey has been used in cooking and home remedies thanks to its richness in nutrients and antioxidants. 


So, how does chamomile honey tea taste? This drink has gentle apple notes and a sweet and honey-like flavor. After just a sip, chamomile honey tea can be incredibly calming. It has a smooth mouthfeel while maintaining a clean, soft flowery flavor. When tea leaves are added to this beverage, it will bring an acidic taste. However, chamomile honey tea still brings pleasant tastes to enjoy with the distinctive fragrance of chamomile. 

Health benefits

Chamomile, honey, and tea leaves are all well-known for their health benefits and have long been used for medical purposes and home treatments. One of the most famous benefits of chamomile honey tea is supporting sleep. Its inherent sedative and muscle-relaxing properties make it the ideal beverage to sip before bed for a pleasant night’s sleep. Consuming chamomile honey tea everyday can bring a wide range of clinical effects like rapid wound healing and lowering flu and cough symptoms. Besides, chamomile honey tea is also favored for other benefits, including boosting digestion, reducing anxiety, improving the immune system, and so on. 


Because there are differences in ages, tastes, and health conditions among people, there is no specific standard dose of chamomile honey tea. Generally, people consume about one to four cups a day. You can drink it during the daytime, especially after heavy meals. Moreover, you can enjoy a caffeinated cup of chamomile honey tea before bed. 

what is chamomile honey tea
Chamomile honey tea contains chamomile, honey, or maybe tea leaves

What can be added to chamomile honey tea? 

Chamomile honey tea is already a perfect combination of taste, aroma, and flavor. However, you can still add more layers to its flavor by adding other fruits, herbs, milk, and so on.

Citrus: Add the citrus zest while steeping the tea to create more flavor to your drink. Alternatively, you can add a small amount of juice after brewing. Orange, lime, or lemon juice will complement chamomile well. 

Herbs: After brewing chamomile honey tea, add some basil or mint leaves for a delicate aromatic flavor.

Milk: Another interesting combination is chamomile honey tea with milk. It will bring a calming and mildly creamy taste. Depending on your taste, dairy or dairy-free milk are both acceptable. 

Other ingredients that you can add while steeping chamomile honey tea are ginger, cinnamon, hibiscus, dried lavender, etc. Meanwhile, vanilla or apple juice can be added to the tea liquor to enrich its flavor. There are numerous variations you can make and create your own version. Or else, you can simply enjoy the original taste of chamomile honey tea. 

what can be added to chamomile honey tea
You can add others ingredients to chamomile honey tea

Where to buy chamomile honey tea?

If you are looking for a prestigious supplier of chamomile honey tea, Future Generation Co, Ltd will be a great option. As a leading tea and beverage manufacturer and exporter in Vietnam, FGC is committed to providing customers with high-quality chamomile honey tea. We have over 26 years of experience in this field and have cooperated with more than 1000 partners all over the world. Our Private Label Services are confident to be a great commercial solution for your company.

Various packaging types

With cutting-edge technology and machines, we provide clients with numerous types of packaging, including TetraPak Aseptic boxes, Hotfill PET bottles, and Tins/ Cans. Our packaging is trendy and perfect for protecting the original taste, flavor, and quality of tea liquor under any circumstances. 

All-in-one service, from R&D to packaging

We offer clients a comprehensive service that includes original sources, research and developing, packaging types and design, etc. All FGC’s ingredient sources have clear origins and international certification to ensure premium quality. Besides, our professional R&D team is always ready to help customers create unique formulas. Free samples and label design are available for every client to bring them a reliable experience before taking orders. 

FGC's chamomile honey tea
FGC’s chamomile honey tea


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