Matcha Mint Tea
Matcha Mint Tea
Matcha Mint Tea
Matcha Mint Tea


Matcha Mint Tea

Matcha Mint Tea

The harmony of matcha powder and mint extract in Matcha Mint Tea creates the best ready-to-drink beverage ever. 

Tea from Matcha and Mint has been among the most fantastic drink that attracts millions of consumers of every age. With beneficial properties and unique taste and flavor, this herbal tea should be enjoyed daily for a healthy lifestyle. 

As the leading tea supplier and exporter with over 26 years of experience in the Beverage field, Future Generation Co., Ltd is committed to providing clients with the best wholesale Matcha Mint Tea.

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Made from matcha, mint, and tea leaves, Matcha Mint Tea is among the most fantastic herbal teas for your quiet days.

Overview of Matcha Mint Tea

  • Ingredients

The combination of matcha, mint, and tea leaves creates Matcha Mint Tea, the most herbal beverage that is trendy, healthy, and cool to drink.

Matcha refers to a finely ground powder. made from shade-grown green tea leaves. The powder has been widely consumed in Asian countries such as Japan and Vietnam. Matcha is special, with high nutrients and beneficial properties. It is normally suspended in a liquid, typically water or milk. 

Buy Matcha Mint Tea from Future Generation Co., Ltd

Mint is an aromatic, almost exclusively perennial herb that have wide-spreading underground and overground stolons and erect, square,  branched stems. The plants are normally planted in wet environments and moist soils. Containing many medical properties, the leaves are used widely in many dairy products, including tea.

Buy Matcha Mint Tea from Future Generation Co., Ltd

Another ingredient used to make this herbal beverage is a tea base that is from high-grown tea leaves. Many of our tea farms are at an altitude of over 1000 meters above sea level, so the tea leaves are organic and contain many beneficial compounds.

  • Tastes

Matcha Mint Tea has an attractive taste and flavor from matcha powder, mint, and tea leaves. The harmonic combination of such natural and nutritious ingredients creates a healthy beverage with distinctive features. 

  • Benefits when drinking Matcha Mint Tea

Buy Matcha Mint Tea from Future Generation Co., Ltd

Both matcha and mint are nutritious ingredients that offer plenty of benefits. Mixing with tea leaves, Matcha Mint Tea is among the healthiest beverage to enjoy every day. Some of its benefits include easing digestive upset, relieving tension headaches and migraine, freshening breath, detoxing, etc. Nevertheless, the tea is loaded with antioxidants that help prevent risks of certain cancers.

Private Label Services – A solution for your best growth

Private Label Service is the OEM packaging tea and beverage service we offer to clients worldwide. There are many reasons why you should choose our service to add your tea value to make your business greater. 

  • Various types of packaging

As the availability of cutting-edge production machines, we provide clients with many packaging types, including TetraPak Aseptic boxes, Hotfill PET bottles, and Tins/Cans.

  • TetraPak Aseptic boxes

Produced from TetraPak, the most modern filling and packaging machine line from Spain, TetraPak boxes are among the most popular packaging of many products such as milk, tea, etc. Aseptic is the top technology to keep the product inside hygiene, safe, and able to preserve for a long time.

TetraPak Aseptic Boxes from FGC

6-layer sterilized boxes ensure the hygiene and good preservation of the liquor. This type of packaging works well for every product.

  • Hotfill PET bottles

With PET bottles, we imported and packaging machine line from Chrones Corporation in Germany. As their name, the packaging is made from polyester and the liquor inside is filled and packaged with Ultra High-Temperature technology to keep the taste, flavor, and nutrients of the tea.

TetraPak Aseptic Boxes from FGC

  • Tins/cans

Tins or cans have been the most popular packaging types that are trendy, convenient, and good for delivery. Moreover, the packaging also ensures the original taste, flavor, and quality of the liquor under any circumstances.

Tins or Cans Packaging from FGC

  • Free sample and label designing

Free sample and label designing are available within the Private Label Service. 

Contact us via if you are interested in the service!

  • All-in-one service, from R&D to packaging

We offer clients a comprehensive service that includes original sources, research and development, packaging types and design, etc. All stages conducted by a supplier will be economical and convenient for you.

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Buy Matcha Mint Tea from Future Generation Co., Ltd

As the leading tea and beverage manufacturer and exporter, FGC is committed to providing clients with high-quality and nutritious Matcha Mint Tea. 

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Hotfill PET machine line at FGC's factory
Hotfill PET machine line at FGC’s factory

If you are tea distributors, tea importers, teashop managers, or even tea lovers, we are committed to being your prestigious tea and beverage supplier in Vietnam!


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