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Rose Tea
Rose Tea
Rose Tea


Rose Tea

Rose Tea

Rose Tea has been among the most notable herbal teas for the charming symbol of roses and for its significant health benefits to drinkers.

Tea made from roses is attractive in liquor hue and unique in taste and flavor, so it is widely sought by consumers worldwide.

Ready-to-drink tea product is the best choice for a modern and healthy lifestyle.

As the leading tea supplier and exporter with over 26 years of experience in the Beverage field, Future Generation Co., Ltd is committed to providing clients with the best wholesale Rose Tea.

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Rose Tea is a special herbal tea made from the petals and buds of the rose bush. The tea is caffeine-free and is a good source of hydration and antioxidants that offer a lot of positive effects.

What is Rose Tea?

Roses are flowers born on the woody perennial flowering plant of the genus Rosa, belonging tong the family Rosaceae. The flowers vary in size and shape, and color as well. Apart from their beauty and fragrance, Roses are planted for ingredients in many products. In particular, they have been used for cultural and medicinal purposes for thousands of years. 

Buy Rose Tea- A natural herbal tea from Future Generation Co., Ltd
Fresh roses with pink color

Rose Tea refers to an aromatic herbal beverage made from the fragrant petals and buds of rose flowers. For the potential compounds in the roses, the tea brings consumers plenty of health benefits.

Taste of Rose Tea

In general, Rose Tea has an incredibly floral taste to it. Made from Roses, the tea tastes almost exactly like a rose smells. Fragrant and flowery and leaves a smooth, wonderfully floral taste in your mouth as you drink it.

Buy Rose Tea- A natural herbal tea from Future Generation Co., Ltd
Dried Roses- the best herbs for making teas

Benefits when drinking Rose Tea

Drinking Rose Tea regularly will have a lot of benefits. First of all,  the tea is naturally caffeine-free so it is ideal for those who enjoy teas without such doubled-edge substance. Secondly, tea made from roses can help with hydration and weight loss. 

Buy Rose Tea- A natural herbal tea from Future Generation Co., Ltd

In addition, Rose Tea also is a great source of antioxidants such as polyphenols that aid to combat the effects of free radicals and reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Moreover, the beverage also alleviates menstrual pain, so it is an attractive tea to the feminine side. 

Private Label Services – A solution for your best growth

Private Label Service is the OEM packaging tea and beverage service we offer to clients worldwide. There are many reasons why you should choose our service to add your tea value to make your business greater. 

  • Various types of packaging

As the availability of cutting-edge production machines, we provide clients with many packaging types, including TetraPak Aseptic boxes, Hotfill PET bottles, and Tins/Cans.

  • TetraPak Aseptic boxes

Produced from TetraPak, the most modern filling and packaging machine line from Spain, TetraPak boxes are among the most popular packaging of many products such as milk, tea, etc. Aseptic is the top technology to keep the product inside hygienic, safe, and able to preserve for a long time.

6-layer sterilized boxes ensure the hygiene and good preservation of the liquor. This type of packaging works well for every product.

TetraPak Aseptic Boxes from FGC

  • Hotfill PET bottles

With PET bottles, we imported and packaging machine line from Chrones Corporation in Germany. As their name, the packaging is made from polyester, and the liquor inside is filled and packaged with Ultra High-Temperature technology to keep the taste, flavor, and nutrients of the tea.

TetraPak Aseptic Boxes from FGC

  • Tins/cans

Tins or cans have been the most popular packaging types that are trendy, convenient, and good for delivery. Moreover, the packaging also ensures the original taste, flavor, and quality of the liquor under any circumstances.

Tins or Cans Packaging from FGC

  • Free sample and label designing

Free sample and label designing are available within the Private Label Service. 

Contact us via if you are interested in the service!

  • All-in-one service, from R&D to packaging

We offer clients a comprehensive service that includes original sources, research, and development, packaging types and design, etc. All stages conducted by a supplier will be economical and convenient for you.

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Buy Rose Tea from Future Generation Co., Ltd

As the leading tea and beverage manufacturer and exporter, FGC is committed to providing clients with high-quality and nutritious Rose Tea. 

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