Explore 5 cantaloupe tea benefits

cantaloupe tea benefits

Cantaloupe tea is considered a safe drink to add to your diet. So, what are cantaloupe tea benefits?


Cantaloupe tea is the harmonious combination of cantaloupe and tea leaves. This drink’s sweet, juicy, and cool note is a wonderful choice for a summer day. Not only delicious, this beverage is also beneficial to our health. In this article, FGC will introduce 5 remarkable cantaloupe tea benefits. 

What are the nutrition facts of cantaloupe?

Cantaloupe, also known as muskmelon or rockmelon, is a summer pulpy fruit. It has a netting skin with sweet orange flesh and seeds inside. Originating from Africa, there are various types of cantaloupe today and they are grown all over the world. Cantaloupes are usually served as fresh fruits, salads, or desserts with ice cream. Not only is it delicious, but this fruit also contains a wide variety of nutrients and water. 

The cantaloupe nutrition facts per 100g are as follows:

  • Calories: 38 kcal
  • Water: 90.2g
  • Carbohydrate: 8.69g
  • Protein: 0.82g
  • Fat: 0.18g
  • Fiber: 0.8g
  • Vitamin C: 10.9mg
  • Vitamin A: 232µg
  • Vitamin B-6: 0.04 mg
what is cantaloupe
Cantaloupe contains various nutrients

What are cantaloupe tea benefits?

Cantaloupe tea, made from cantaloupe and tea leaves, is a healthy drink with numerous benefits. Thanks to the high amount of nutrients in these ingredients, health benefits of cantaloupe tea are as follows:

Support eye health

The first cantaloupe tea benefit is supporting the healthy development of the eye thanks to the amount of beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin. Beta-carotene, which brings the yellow or red colors for fruits, is important in protecting a good vision and healthy eyes as it will convert into vitamin A. Besides, lutein and zeaxanthin act as eye protectors by filtering out blue light and preventing oxidation reactions. Deficiency of lutein and zeaxanthin might lead to macular degeneration and cataracts. 

Boost heart health

The combination of cantaloupe and tea is committed to reducing the risk of heart disease. Cantaloupe naturally has a high potassium content and low sodium level. When combined with the flavonoids in tea, these nutrients can help lower blood pressure. Additionally, consuming cantaloupe tea regularly might decrease bad cholesterol, thanks to the amount of fiber. Furthermore, with 90% water in cantaloupe, this drink helps your body stay hydrated all day, which is beneficial to heart health. It is because the heart does not have to work hard to pump blood. 

Improve immune system 

Cantaloupe is a rich source of vitamin C, which is almost 100% of recommended daily allowance. Vitamins C and A play an important role in keeping a healthy immune system by stimulating white blood cells in your body. Moreover, trillions of bacteria reside in your gut, along with the majority of the immune system. By encouraging the growth of good bacteria and preventing the development of harmful ones, the polyphenols present in tea may contribute to a healthy gut. Besides, antimicrobial qualities aid in eliminating unwanted substances, enhancing gut bacteria, and boosting immunity. 

Reduce the risk of cancer

Another cantaloupe tea benefit is to decrease the risk of cancer. The polyphenols in tea along with antioxidants in cantaloupe can help slow the growth of specific forms of cancer and encourage cancer cell death. Some studies have researched the effect of drinking tea on the risk of cancer and suggested that it might help reduce the risk of oral, lung, breast, gastrointestinal tract, and so on. Besides, the fiber content in this beverage is believed to restrict the development of colorectal cancer. 

Enhance skin health

It is also thanks to the content of vitamins A and C that cantaloupe tea benefits our skin health. These two nutrients are essential in keeping the skin healthy and glowing. Vitamin A works as a protector of the skin from UV light and other sun damage. When your skin is sunburned, the antioxidants in cantaloupe will help reduce sunburned cells and improve melanin levels. Meanwhile, vitamin C is beneficial to natural collagen production, which aids in anti-aging. 


cantaloupe tea benefits
Cantaloupe tea brings numerous health benefits

Explore how to make cantaloupe tea:

Cantaloupe tea – Explore 2 amazing recipes

Does cantaloupe tea have side effects?

Cantaloupe tea benefits are significant, so this drink is considered safe for daily consumption. Any allergy or side effects of this drink are quite rare. Nevertheless, no matter how good a product is, overconsumption will bring unexpected consequences. In terms of cantaloupe tea, consuming too much might harm your kidneys or cause heart attacks because of the high level of potassium. Overconsumption of cantaloupe can also harm your intestines. Besides, as this beverage is made from tea, it contains a certain amount of caffeine, which you should consider when drinking too much a day. Therefore, although drinking cantaloupe tea brings numerous health benefits, you should consume a reasonable amount to avoid unpredictable results. 

does cantaloupe tea have side effects
Cantaloupe tea is considered safe for daily consumption

Where to buy cantaloupe tea?

If you are looking for a prestigious supplier of cantaloupe tea, Future Generation Co., Ltd is a great option to consider. Established in 1996, FGC now is the biggest tea company in Vietnam. We have cooperated with more than 1000 partners from over 60 nations worldwide. With large manufacturing and processing plants equipped with cut-edging technology, we are committed to providing customers with the best products

Stable and high-quality sources of ingredients

FGC’s tea farms are focused on the northern and southern mountainous and midland areas. We provide various types of Vietnamese tea as well as imported from other countries such as Sri Lanka, India, etc. We are constantly updating new tea growing and production techniques to improve the quality of tea ingredients. Besides, we also provide clients with diverse sources of ingredients which all have clear origins. We have received numerous international quality certificates including ISO, HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER, etc. 

Private Label Service

Our Private Label Services are available for every customer, which is an ideal commercial solution, especially for small and medium enterprises. With more than 26 years of experience, we will bring reasonable beverage ideas for you by offering diverse packaging types, free samples, stable supply, free label design, and fast delivery. Our professional R&D team is always available to create unique formulas for your companies. 

Cantaloupe tea by FGC
Cantaloupe tea by FGC


The blending of cantaloupe and tea creates a cooling beverage. With those significant cantaloupe tea benefits, this drink is favored by numerous people. If you are a fan of cantaloupe, this combination cannot be missed. 


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