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We are the leading tea exporter in Vietnam, and our tea production serves all exporting purposes. Therefore, our transportation network is for global delivery. Whether you are in America, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, etc., we have shipment methods available and convenient to you.

Our MOQ will vary by product type:

  • TeTra Pak cartons: 42,000 pieces
  • PET bottles, Can:  100,000 pieces

Free Samples are provided whenever you want to examine any characteristics or specifications of the products before ordering them.

Our tea sources are mostly from our tea farms located in the high-mountain grown in Vietnam. Our tea gardens strictly follow international standards such as VietGAP, GMP, Halal, and Rainforest. We ensure the tea quality “from farm to table”.

In addition, we also import tea and other ingredients from reliable sources from regional countries such as Sri Lanka, India, China, etc to meet the specific demands of customers in terms of flavors and price.

Yes! You can order our RTD tea products with specific requirements in terms of sugar, blending ingredients, and even blending methods. All of your demands will be accepted, researched, developed, and created by our R&D department.

We also select our tea sources and other ingredients carefully to bring you the best products which meet all the needs of price, nutrients, favors, and tastes.

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