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All beverage products produced by FGC are made from natural and health-safe ingredients. As the health of consumers and satisfaction as a priority, we focus on quality control, taste, and flavor promotion. We are committed to offering the best products to clients.

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Free Sampling

Free Samples are provided whenever you want to examine any characteristics or specifications of the products before ordering them.

Stable Supply

Tea and ingredients are diverse and large in sources to ensure a sufficient and stable supply for you at any time of the year. 

Free Label Design

For the most attractive label positioning for your brand, our creative design team will assist in the consultation and creation.

Fast Delivery

Our wide and flexible global shipping network is committed to timely receipt and assurance of the goods. 

Why choose us?

Notable Products

Durian Milk Tea
With distinctive taste and flavor, Durian Milk Tea is one of the hottest tea products from FGC. The beverage attracts millions of consumers around the world.
Chocolate Malt Drink
Known as the most nutritious cereal product, Chocolate Malt Drink promises to give consumers impressive taste and flavor, with many significant health benefits.
Sugar-Preserved Apricots
As a refreshing fruit juice, Sugar-Preserved Apricots is a great beverage to enjoy on summer days. The drink offers a lot of attractions, including distinctive taste and flavor and significant health benefits.
Herbal Detox
Herbal Detox is one of the most attractive detox teas from FGC that offers consumers distinctive taste and flavor and amazing health benefits.
F5 Energy Tea
F5 Energy Tea is an ideal beverage to enhance your daily energy. Made from healthy ingredients, the drink promises to be the best refreshment to enjoy.
Rose Tea
Rose Tea is a special herbal tea made from the petals and buds of the rose bush. The tea is caffeine-free and is a good source of hydration and antioxidants that offer a lot of positive effects.
Oolong Tea with Lotus Seed
Special from its name to the ingredients used in the making process, Oolong Tea with Lotus Seed is a great beverage to enjoy.

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