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Lychee Tea
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Cozy Lychee Tea

Cozy Lychee Tea

Vietnamese Lychee tea or Cozy Lychee tea from FGC is one of the best ready-to-drink teas produced with the most cut-edging technology. The tea is processed, blended, and packaged in a strictly sterile-controlled environment. With large manufacturing and processing plants which have high production capacity and productivity, we ensure a sufficient and stable RTD tea supply for the domestic market and export.

Lychee is a tropical native plant grown in many regions in Vietnam such as Bac Giang province, Hai Duong province, etc. The fruit is used in many products, including tea.

Lychee tea with Cozy brand also attracts consumers with its unique aroma of natural lychee fruit and green tea leave extract, its fantastic taste, and its extraordinary health benefits. Furthermore, the RTD tea from FGC is a safe and healthy beverage, with many food-safe recognitions and certifications.

Cozy Lychee tea is the best beverage for its convenience and a health-related choice.

With 26 years in tea production and tea export, we are committed to being your reliable tea supplier.

Main ingredients: tea extract, sugar, lychee flavor


TetraPak Aseptic box, 6-sterilized layers, 250 ml

Hotfill PET bottle, 355ml/450ml

Storage: in a cool and refrigerator environment

How to use: Open and enjoy (More delicious cold drink)

If you are tea distributors, tea importers, teashop managers, or even tea lovers, we are committed to being your prestigious tea supplier in Vietnam. 

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