Chocolate milk tea calories: How does it affect human health?

chocolate milk tea calories

Chocolate milk tea calories and their health effect is an attractive topic among milk tea lovers. Is chocolate milk tea a high-calorie drink? How to drink it healthily?


Nowadays, many consumers, especially those who are on a special diet, consider calorie value as an important factor to choose a beverage. As a result, chocolate milk tea calories are gaining great attention. Despite its deliciousness, many consumers are worried about its potential for obesity. Are chocolate milk tea calories suitable for everyone? This article will provide helpful information about this drink. 

What are chocolate milk tea calories?

Chocolate milk tea calories refer to the amount of energy that chocolate milk tea provides. For consumers who are following a healthy diet, understanding the calorie value of beverages is important. This helps them balance calorie intake and consumption, helping to maintain a healthy body. 

The calorie value of chocolate milk tea may differ from one shop to another due to its recipe.  In general, with a full-sugar level and no topping added, a 500ml cup of the chocolate milk tea has around 400-500 calories. This level will change according to the number of toppings added to the cup. The type and amount of the ingredients will affect the chocolate milk tea calories. 

The factors that contribute to chocolate milk tea calories are its ingredients, including tea, milk, chocolate, and other toppings. Because tea has a small number of calories (about 2 calories), it does not play much of a role in chocolate milk tea calories. On the contrary, milk, chocolate, and other toppings, which bring a sweet and creamy taste, are the main factors increasing the calorie value. 

What are chocolate milk tea calories
                             Chocolate milk tea has around 400-500 calories

How do chocolate milk tea calories affect health?

With around 400-500 calories, chocolate milk tea is considered a fairly high-calorie drink. Chocolate milk tea calories show that it is an abundant source of energy that consumers need to be active throughout the day. However, it might be linked to some health conditions such as obesity and diabetes. 

Benefits for human health

The high-calorie value of chocolate milk tea can be beneficial for consumers. It is a source of quick energy replenishment for the body. Many people use it for the short term to boost calorie intake when the appetite is poor and the body cannot absorb enough nourishment. Chocolate milk tea is also helpful for people who are suffering from sickness or some health conditions. Many athletes as well as bodybuilders use high-calorie drinks with the desire to stimulate muscle growth. 

Adverse effects on health

A portion of chocolate milk tea calories is from a high level of sugar, which can lead to some potential risks to human health. Consuming too much sugar can cause obesity, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, cognitive decline, and other serious diseases and cancer. Besides, the high-calorie content of chocolate milk tea can cause excess calories, which can result in weight gain and higher body fat in children. It is necessary to use healthier alternatives to sugar to avoid these risks.

chocolate milk tea calories - health effect
                    Chocolate milk tea is considered a quite high-calorie drink

Read more about health effects of chocolate milk tea:

Is chocolate milk tea good for you?

How to reduce chocolate milk tea calories?

Chocolate milk tea as well as other high-calorie beverages should be consumed in moderation for the best health effects. Besides, consumers can request a healthier version of chocolate milk tea which has lower calories. Based on the factors that contribute to chocolate milk tea calories, there are some ways to reduce the calories your body absorbs.

  • Reducing the sugar level in your drink is important to lower the chocolate milk tea calories. You should order 50% sugar chocolate milk tea or minimize the sugar added to the drink if you make it at home. You can also use stevia or yacon syrup instead of sugar. 
  • Fresh milk is good instead of creamer, which will reduce the fat content as well as calorie count. Non-dairy milk can also cut down on the calorie content that chocolate milk tea brings. Soy milk and almond milk can be great alternatives to dairy milk.
  • Fewer toppings will lower the chocolate milk tea calories. Not having any toppings would be the best. Or else, using fruit, and grass jelly instead of tapioca pearls will reduce sugar levels and give a lower calorie value.
chocolate milk tea calories - reduce calorie
                                       Using almond milk instead of dairy milk


With an amazing taste, chocolate milk tea is an attractive drink in the world. It is so enjoyable that people drink it for relaxation and entertainment. However, due to chocolate milk tea calories, consumers should consider its health benefits and risks. It must be consumed in moderation to ensure a balanced diet. You can also follow the above suggestion for a healthier chocolate milk tea and avoid the risk to your health. 

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