Lotus leaf matcha: A unique drink with various health benefits

lotus leaf matcha

Lotus leaf matcha is an amazing drink made from the leaves of lotus, a beautiful flower in Vietnam. The drink will surprise you due to its various great benefits.


Lotus is known as a symbol of Vietnamese spirit and culture. It is an exquisite flower with pure and remarkable beauty. All the flowers, leaves, seeds, and stems have been used in culinary and traditional medicine for thousands of years. Lotus leaf matcha is a perfect combination of lotus leaves and matcha, creating a unique taste with numerous benefits for health.

General information about lotus leaf matcha

Lotus leaf matcha is an infusion made from lotus leaves extract and matcha powder. It is a special drink with a slightly acrid taste, light aroma, and gentle on the palate. Lotus leaf matcha drinks have effective sedative and detoxifying effects. It can help to sleep easily, stabilize blood pressure, and control weight. 

Main ingredients

Lotus leaf and matcha are indispensable ingredients of the drink. In different recipes, the manufacturers can use lotus leaf extract or lotus leaf flavor. Lotus leaf matcha drink is made from natural ingredients without preservatives.

  • Lotus leaf

Lotus is considered a symbol of Vietnam, which can be found throughout the country in the muddy water of lakes and ponds. Lotus leaves are round and dark green. It has a bitter and slightly acrid taste. Due to cold properties, lotus leaf is used as a part of traditional medicine to boost health. In Vietnam, lotus leaf tea is considered a healthful tea that brings several advantages to the body.

lotus leaf matcha - lotus leaf
                              Lotus leaf is used as a part of traditional medicine
  • Matcha

Matcha is a finely ground tea that went through an arduous cultivation process. It has a bright green color with a slightly bitter taste and a sweet aftertaste. Matcha is a familiar ingredient that helps fulfill the taste and aroma of millions of beverages, including lotus leaf matcha. Besides, it contains many nutrients to improve digestion and boost the immune system.

lotus leaf matcha - matcha
                       Matcha has a bright green color with a slightly bitter taste


Lotus leaf matcha is produced according to a unique method to maintain the natural flavor and aroma of lotus leaves and matcha. The taste is smooth and subtly sweet with a fresh, floral aroma. The unique taste of lotus leaf matcha makes it more and more attractive to consumers, especially those who want to enjoy healthy drinks.

lotus leaf matcha - taste
            The taste is smooth and subtly sweet with a fresh and floral aroma

Several benefits of lotus leaf matcha

Lotus leaf and lotus leaf matcha drink is a great source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which can remove toxins and detox your body. These compounds can reduce blood sugar levels and protect the heart. Moreover, it also supports de-stress and gives good sleep.

Good for heart health 

Lotus leaves are full of antioxidants, including nuciferine, lotusine, etc., which can detox the blood, improve the blood flow to the heart, and reduce blood pressure. The potassium content in the lotus leaf matcha drink can regulate blood sugar levels. Thanks to that, lotus leaf matcha can help to prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer. 

Improve Blood Circulation

Lotus leaf matcha is a great way to improve blood circulation and increase your energy levels. The drink has iron and copper, which are very important for the production of red blood cells. By consuming this tasty drink, people can alleviate poor circulation symptoms.

Support digestive system

Lotus leaf matcha drink has a high content of fiber, which is effective for your digestive system. Fiber can boost large intestinal peristalsis and support smooth digestion. Several compounds in the drink can activate the secretion of gastric juice and digestive juices in the intestines. This makes it easier to absorb nutrients.

Reduce stress

A rich source of B vitamins in lotus leaf matcha drink can boost vitality and mood, and thereby help you reduce stress easily. The drink also brings pyridoxine to the body, which can improve your mood, calm you down, and give you a deep sense of relaxation. If you drink lotus leaf matcha properly, it will be more effective.

lotus leaf matcha - benefit
                                   Lotus leaf matcha has various health benefits

Buy wholesale Lotus Leaf Matcha from FGC

Established in 1996, Future Generation Co., Ltd has extensive experience producing tea, from loose tea and tea bags to instant tea and ready-to-drink tea. We are confident to be a good wholesale supplier of Lotus Leaf Matcha.

Ensure excellent products quality

FGC owns modern technology factories to produce standard teas and tea according to the specific needs of customers. Imported machines from Europe in our factory can ensure excellent tea product quality. FGC tea meets international quality certifications such as ISO, HACCP, Halal, etc.

Continuous consultant service

At FGC, we bring continuous consultant service for clients, such as:

  • Search and select reputable, good-quality input materials, with clear origins.
  • Support consultancy on packaging specifications and methods to meet product quality preservation standards and market trends.
  • Consult on packaging design, and free samples.
  • Process and ensure the delivery time.
  • Other value-added services: research, formula building, product declaration registration, and many other services.

OEM/ODM products at a competitive price

We also strive to provide clients with two attractive services including OEM for tea packing and ODM for tea blending and processing. FGC can customize Lotus Leaf Matcha according to clients’ requirements. Besides, thanks to our high capacity and productive factory, FGC can provide good products and stable supply. Moreover, we offer clients the most competitive price.

lotus leaf matcha from FGC

For more information about these services, contact our support team via to be consulted.

Read more about Lotus Leaf Matcha from FGC:

Lotus Leaf Matcha


With a unique taste, lotus leaf matcha can bring you an amazing experience. The combination of two natural and beneficial ingredients creates an appealing drink for those who are on a healthy diet. Let’s try it!



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