Orange Peach tea – an ideal drink for a healthy lifestyle

Orange Peach tea - an ideal drink for a healthy lifestyle

Orange Peach tea has been the most prominent beverage that brings consumers not only distinctive taste and flavor but significant health benefits.

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Orange and Peach are the two most popular fruits used daily. The blending of these natural fruits and tea leaves, therefore, generates an attractive beverage to enjoy. With vibrant color and a cool taste, Orange Peach Tea is ideal refreshment to enjoy.

Overview of Orange Peach tea

Orange Peach Tea contains three ingredients including Orange, Peach, and Tea leaves.

Orange, originating in Southern China, Northeast India, and Myanmar, has been the most popular fruits in the world. The fruit is widely grown in tropical and subtropical climates.

Orange Peach tea - an ideal drink for a healthy lifestyle
Peaches- a refreshing fruit for tea making

Peach is an edible fruit from Eastern China and is grown mostly in Asian countries such as Vietnam, China, etc. For its fragrant flavor and sweet taste, and healthy compounds, Peach has been featured as an ingredient in many products, including tea.

Tea leaves are harvested from tea farms located mostly in the country’s northern regions. Such mountainous regions have an altitude of over 1000 meters above sea level. Therefore, tea leaves contain a myriad of beneficial compounds.

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How to make Orange Peach tea easily at home?

Ingredients: Fresh orange, peach, tea bags, syrup, ice

How to make: The making process of Orange Peach Tea undergoes two stages demonstrated below

Stage 1: Prepare ingredients

  • Wash the oranges and cut them in half. Cut half of the fruit into thin slices. Squeeze the other half of the fruit.
  • Peach the box you brought to cut into bite-sized slices.
  • Put two tea bags in a glass and brew the tea for 10-15 minutes, then take out the filter bag.

Stage 2: Instructions for making standard peach orange tea

  • Put the freshly squeezed orange juice into a cup of brews tea. Add sugar syrup, depending on your specific taste.
  • Next, add peach and orange syrup, using a spatula to gently dissolve the mixture.
  • Place sliced ​​pickled peaches in a glass and garnish to your liking.
  • Finally, add ice cubes, and you’ve got a delicious, nutritious cup of peach orange tea.

Enjoy it!

Benefits of drinking Orange Peach tea


Orange Peach tea - an ideal drink for a healthy lifestyle
Consuming Orange Peach regularly may get many health benefits

Peach Orange tea is a combination of safe natural ingredients offering a lot of health benefits. The drink contains a lot of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, so it is an excellent choice for your daily use. The tea is firmly believed to have effective effects on cold and cough, and other common symptoms. 

  • Antioxidant

Made from tea, orange, lemongrass, and peach ingredients. So this drink contains antioxidants with great effects. Polyphenolic substances are very effective in slowing down the aging process of the skin. So regularly drinking orange lemongrass tea will help you have youthful, smooth skin. It also prevents the growth of free radicals and prevents cancer.

  • Improve immune system

Peach orange tea contains many antioxidants and, at the same time, provides a large amount of Vitamin C. Therefore, it helps the body to strengthen its resistance. Reduces stress and fatigue. On days when the weather changes seasons, a cup of orange lemongrass tea is a great choice to improve the immune system, and help the body fight common diseases such as flu, sore throat, headache caused by weather, etc.

  • Good for the heart

You may be surprised about this use of lemongrass peach tea. But in fact, this drink contains many active ingredients that have a good effect on blood vessels and arteries. It also has the effect of lowering blood pressure. This helps the body avoid the risk of strokes and accidents.

  • Strong bones and strong teeth

According to research, the ingredients in orange and lemongrass peach tea contain a lot of calcium and fluoride. These ingredients work to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. It also helps keep your teeth healthy.

  • Effective weight loss

One of the reasons why lemongrass orange tea is loved by women is because of the weight loss effect of this drink. This is a low-calorie, delicious and trendy drink that has the ability to burn fat. So this drink is a great choice for women.

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Beverage packaging at FGC's factory
Tea packaging at FGC’s factory

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Orange Peach Tea should be a cool choice for everyday drinking, especially in summer. The tea attracts many people for its significant benefits and unique liquid.

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