Passion fruit tea calories: Is it good for weight loss?

Passion fruit tea calories

Passion fruit tea calories are a concern for many people, especially those following a healthy diet. So, what is the calorie content of this drink?


Passion fruit tea has been favored by not only young people but also adults because of its amazing taste and flavor. However, a lot of them are not clear about its amount of calories and whether it is suitable to add to daily diet. In this article, FGC will provide you with useful information about passion fruit tea calories. 

What are the passion fruit tea calories?

Passion fruit is a fruit that originated in Brazil. It is a rich source of minerals and nutrition, especially fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin C. When combined with tea leaves, it creates a fruity and refreshing enjoyment. In addition to its nutrients, many people are concerned about its calorie content, especially those on a diet.

Passion fruit tea calories refer to the amount of energy that this drink brings, which depends on its ingredients. Generally, a large cup of passion fruit tea contains around 100 to 250 calories. The calorie content in passion fruit tea varies according to the proportion of passion fruit, tea as well as other sweeteners or toppings. For example, when adding milk and tapioca pearls to make passion fruit bubble tea, the calorie volume can reach about 300 kcal

The passion fruit tea calories mainly come from passion fruit, sweeteners like sugar or honey, and other toppings. Tea does not play much of a role in passion fruit tea as tea contains only a small number of calories, about 2 calories. Meanwhile, passion fruit has about 17 kcal. Passion fruit gets most of its calories from carbohydrates, about half of them comes from fiber and the other half comes from natural sugars.

A large cup of passion fruit tea contains around 100 to 250 calories
Passion fruit tea calories are around 100 to 250 calories per cup

Is passion fruit tea good for weight loss?

Generally, passion fruit tea calories are not too high, making it a suitable drink to consume daily. Besides, drinking passion fruit tea also brings a lot of benefits in the weight loss process as follows:

High content of fiber

Up to one-third of passion fruit is fiber which helps your weight loss process. Eating passion fruit seeds regularly will make you full for a long time because fiber takes a long time to digest. Therefore, drinking passion fruit helps control hunger and cut unnecessary meals effectively. In addition, the majority of fiber is soluble fiber, which helps reduce cholesterol levels and clean the intestines.

Dissolving fat effectively

Passion fruit and tea are rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants in passion fruit are the main ingredient that helps fight cellulite and dissolve fat deposits in areas such as bellies, thighs, waists, biceps, etc. Meanwhile, antioxidants in tea leaves like EGCG and catechin encourage the metabolism in your body and help it break down fat more quickly. In addition, caffeine in tea is beneficial to fat-burning and exercise performance.  

Skin recovery after losing weight

The content of vitamin E and vitamin C in passion fruit tea is useful in helping your skin tighten again after losing weight effectively. It also aids in regenerating dead skin cells and retaining moisture of your skin. This situation might happen when there is a reduction of some nutrients because of decreased portions.  

Nervous stabilization

Normally, to follow a strict diet and weight loss plan, you will need a stable nervous system to maintain every activity and patience. In addition to passion fruit tea calories, consuming this drink regularly provides more minerals such as iron, potassium, phosphorus and so on to maintain and stabilize the operation of the nervous system. 

Drinking passion fruit tea also brings a lot of benefits in the weight loss process
Passion fruit tea calories are beneficial to the weight loss process

How to drink passion fruit tea properly?

After understanding passion fruit tea calories and its numerous benefits in supporting weight loss, do you know how to drink it properly to bring the best results? 

Due to the characteristic sourness of passion fruit, your stomach can be negatively affected if you use it in the wrong methods and dose. It should be noted not to drink passion fruit tea when you are hungry or uncomfortable because this drink contains a certain amount of acid. Rising the amount of acid in the stomach during fasting, in the long run, can thin the stomach wall, causing ulcer symptoms.

So, when should you drink passion fruit tea? The best time to enjoy passion fruit tea is after main meals with 1 or 2 glasses a day. The ideal frequency is about 4 days a week. Besides, the effect of weight loss will be better when you combine passion fruit tea with a reasonable and nutritious diet, and regular exercise. The effect also varies depending on each person’s body. 

It is necessary to choose a good quality passion fruit for weight loss. If the peel is slightly wrinkled, and still elastic, it is a sweet and succulent passion fruit that can be used. You should wash it carefully before cutting it to avoid dirt and bacteria. When passion fruit tea has not been used, it should be preserved in the fridge for up to 3 days. 

 The best time to enjoy passion fruit tea is after main meals with 1 or 2 glasses a day
The best time to enjoy passion fruit tea is after main meals

Explore how to make passion fruit tea:

Explore a wonderful passion fruit tea recipe


Passion fruit tea calories level is not too high and can be added to a healthy diet. However, you should control the amount of sugar or other sweeteners to reduce the calorie content. Drinking passion fruit tea properly combined with doing exercise regularly and you will see a positive change in your weight. 

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