What is durian milk tea?

what is durian milk tea

As a popular fruit in summer, durian is used in various beverages, typically durian milk tea. So what is durian milk tea? Explore a special drink in this article.


If you are in Southeast Asia, durian is a familiar fruit but not all consumers dare to try it. For durian lovers, it is such an addictive fruit that they want to try all durian dishes and drinks. Durian milk tea was developed and became a must-try drink in this region. It can be a good start for those who have never tried durian flavor. In this article, FGC will provide you with amazing information about this drink: What is durian milk tea? How does it taste? 

What is durian?

Durian, also known as the “King of fruits”, is a unique fruit native to Southeast Asia. This tropical fruit is widely grown in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc. It has a hard outer shell and greenish-brown spikes. Inside this crust is custard-like flesh with large seeds and a pungent smell. Durian has several varieties, so its flesh can have different colors such as yellow, white, or red. When ripe, this flesh is soft and creamy with a mild sweet taste. 

This fruit is characterized by its smell. Some people find durian to have a pleasant sweet aroma, whereas others are intolerable and uncomfortable with the smell. Durian’s smell is compared to rotting onion or turpentine, which may put off many newcomers. Durian is forbidden in some hotels and public transport because the smell of durian lingers for a long time. 

what is durian milk tea - durian
                                    Durian is also known as the “King of fruits”

However, durian is still beloved by many consumers because it has a high content of nutrients compared to other fruits. Durian is not only eaten fresh but it is also cooked and processed in candies, drinks, desserts, and more. Among them, durian milk tea is an attractive beverage for durian lovers. So what is durian milk tea?

What is durian milk tea?

Durian milk tea is a special combination of original milk tea and durian fruit. This drink has been popular in the Southeast Asian region where they grow and process several food and beverages from durian. If you are a durian fan, you cannot ignore this delicious and addictive drink.

Made from durian, milk, and tea, durian milk tea has a rich, creamy, and sweet taste with a unique fragrance of durian. However, this milk tea does not smell as overly pungent as ripe durian. For those who have never tried durian before, durian milk tea is a perfect way to get acquainted with its flavor. The rich aroma of milk tea mixed with the sweet and creamy taste of durian will surely make those who love durian flavor irresistible.

what is durian milk tea
                              Durian milk tea is popular in the Southeast Asian

What is durian milk tea health benefit?

As a “king of fruits”, durian is nutritious and rich in several essential nutrients. Durian contains effective antioxidants such as polyphenols, carotenoids, and flavonoids. Moreover, it is a good source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, B6, potassium, manganese, copper, etc. Thanks to that, durian milk tea has various benefits for human health. So what is durian milk tea health benefit? 

Reduce cancer risks

Durian milk tea has several powerful antioxidants, which are flavonoids and polyphenols. These antioxidants have a potential effect on preventing free radicals, compounds that can damage cells and lead to cancers. Therefore, consuming durian milk tea can reduce the risk of many types of cancer.

Prevent heart disease

The unhealthy fats and LDL cholesterol can be decreased due to the potassium content in durian milk tea. It can also prevent high blood pressure and support good blood circulation. Beneficial compounds in durian can lower the risk of atherosclerosis, or the hardening of your arteries, and thus, prevent heart disease. 

Boost mood

Durian can improve mood due to its ability to increase neurotransmitters that contribute to human feelings. The amino acid in durian, called Tryptophan, can help to increase the neurotransmitter serotonin. Tryptophan also plays an important role in sleep. It creates a good mood, happiness, and relaxation in drinkers. 

what is durian milk tea - benefit
                                    Durian is rich in several essential nutrients

Where to buy durian milk tea in bulk?

As a country in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is a famous region that grows and exports a large amount of durian. Future Generation Company is among the best Vietnamese manufacturers and suppliers of durian milk tea. Why should you buy durian milk tea from FGC? We can offer clients several benefits when collaborating with us:

Well-controlled quality products

Through over 26 years of processing and manufacturing tea and beverage, FGC has received many quality certifications due to our well-controlled quality management. These certifications include both Manufacturing & Quality management Certifications and Product Certifications such as VietGAP, ISO, HACCP, Organic, HALAL, etc. This proves that FGC is a supplier of high-quality and safe products in the international market.

Large and stable supply

FGC owns vast tea gardens inside the factory and cooperates with large tea gardens in surrounding provinces. At the same time, we are sourcing from our country and other regions in the world to select the best quality ingredients for durian milk tea. With many production lines imported from Germany, Spain, Italy, etc, FGC ensures a high capacity production and on-time delivery.

Customized beverage formula and packaging

Private Label Service is developed by FGC to help clients bring their ideas to life. We assist in creating and developing a new beverage formula that is cost-effective but ensures nutritional value and a delicious taste. We also advise on the right packaging to protect your durian milk tea and assist in designing attractive and eye-catching labels. Moreover, free samples are provided to test before a large quantity order. 

what is durian milk tea - FGC
                                                             Durian milk tea

If you are looking for a private label supplier, contact us and get your expected beverage sample. The first step is simply choosing the method of contacting us:

  • Leaving your message on the website:
  • Send an email to:
  • Call: +84 24 73 000 125/ +84 24 6664 7788

FGC representatives will promptly respond to you and answer any questions. Our Sales Executive will accompany you throughout the process of creating suitable beverage samples, agreeing on contract terms, implementation, and delivery.


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