What is pennywort drink? An ideal drink for a healthy lifestyle

what is pennywort drink

Pennywort is a crucial ingredient in many drink recipes because it has many therapeutic and medicinal benefits. So what is pennywort drink and how does it benefit health?


Pennywort drink is a healthy cooling beverage made from pennywort, it can be mixed with green beans to create an amazing flavor. The drink contains several vitamins and minerals, which are essential for good health. With a fresh, grassy aroma and taste, pennywort drinks are widely-consumed in Asian countries. Specifically, what is pennywort drink?

What is pennywort?

The name Pennywort is a common term given to several plants in tropical and subtropical climates. In Asia, the most popular type of pennywort has the scientific name Centella Asiatica, also known as Gotu kola. Pennywort originated from Australia, Pacific Islands, and Asia. In Vietnam, the plant can easily be found in moist, shady places, valleys, and ditch banks.

Pennywort has rounded fan-shaped leaves, and all the stems, leaves, and roots are edible. It is popularly used in culinary and medicinal applications. Pennywort can be used raw, dried, or juiced. The plant is well-known due to its great health benefits. One of the most popular applications of pennywort is pennywort drink. So what is pennywort drink?

what is pennywort
                                         Pennywort can easily be found in Asia

What is a pennywort drink?

Pennywort can be used as pennywort juice, which is made from pennywort without any additives. A more delicious and nutritious version of the pennywort drink is pennywort green bean drink. What is pennywort drink with green beans? It is a perfect combination of the coolness of pennywort and the nutty taste of green beans. Pennywort drink helps the body cool down effectively, which is a great choice for summer.

Pennywort juice is dark green, when mixed with green beans, it makes a light green color with a fresh and aromatic fragrance. What is pennywort drink taste? Pennywort has a slightly grassy but quite bitter taste. However, the sweetness and nutty taste of green beans will balance that, making it easier to drink. 

what is pennywort drink
                                    Pennywort drink is delicious and nutritious

Why should you use a pennywort drink?

What is pennywort drink benefit? Pennywort drink is considered a healthy drink with numerous benefits for your body. Pennywort is a traditional tonic herb, which has been used as a part of Indian and Chinese medicine. Asian believe that it has cooling properties helping the body to balance the heat. In addition, the drink brings several benefits to your mental health, heart, skin, etc.

Reduce anxiety and stress

What is pennywort drink good for mental health? The content of Triterpenoids in pennywort and folate, carotenoids in green beans have an effect on reducing anxiety, and stress, and improving mental health. Pennywort drink is good for brain functions, which can improve and enhance memory. The drink can be used to treat insomnia, bringing better sleep and spiritual comfort.

Boost cognitive function

Pennywort drinks can improve overall cognitive function, especially boosting memory power. This makes it potential for treating cognitive diseases. What is pennywort drink vitamin? Vitamin C and vitamin E found in pennywort have been shown to prevent age-related cognitive decline, significantly reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Improve heart health

Pennywort is a rich source of minerals that is essential for heart health. These minerals can improve blood circulation, reduce the swelling of arteries, and prevent diseases related to veins. Pennywort green bean drink is also good for obese, because it may lower harmful cholesterol in the blood, reduce fatty liver, and prevent the risk of stroke caused by atherosclerosis.

Good for skin

What is pennywort drink good for the skin? Terpenoids found in pennywort are supposed to increase collagen production in the body, which heals scars and stretch marks. Thanks to its ability to cleanse and detoxify, it can help reduce acne, giving healthy, bright skin. Pennywort green bean drinks also have many compounds and antioxidants that help slow down the skin aging process.

what is pennywort drink - benefit
                            A healthy drink with numerous benefits for your body

FGC – A reputable wholesaler of pennywort drink

Ready-to-drink pennywort is a convenient and economical option for a busy day. What is pennywort drink of FGC? FGC pennywort drink is produced in an advanced technology process that maintains the natural color, flavor, and nutrients, without any preservations to ensure hygiene and safety. With 26 years of experience along with over 1000 partners around the world, we commit to bringing the best quality beverages with professional services.

More information about What is pennywort drink:

With Pennywort Juice, we can produce OEM products according to customers’ requirements. We commit to providing:

  • Professional R&D department: Seasoned staff in our R&D team will assist in researching, testing, and developing new beverage products.
  • Diverse packing types: FGC can provide, design, and consult customers to choose the most suitable and trendy product packaging.
  • High production capacity: Our cutting-edge machine lines including TetraPak Aseptic and PET hot-fill technology ensure a high and stable capacity (>40,000 liter/hour).
  • International quality standards: We select all the ingredients from high-quality and organic sources. The production is certificated by VietGAP, ISO, HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER, etc.
what is pennywort drink - factory
                                      Hot-fill PET technology at FGC’s factory

If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us via the following methods:

FGC’s Sales Department will respond as soon as possible once we receive your call/message to assist you with the pennywort drink, packaging, import procedure, sample submission, and quotation. After discussing the price and other terms of the contract, we will sign the contract and make a shipment for you.



What is a pennywort drink? If you are looking for a natural, safe, and healthy drink, pennywort drink can be a great option. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, the drink is suitable to be a part of your healthy diet. It is also a perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day.


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