What is so-called sugar-free oolong tea?

sugar-free oolong tea

Sugar-free Oolong Tea is among the trendiest beverages for the consumers’ demand for sugar reduction recently. It has become an ideal choice for a modern and healthy lifestyle nowadays.


Health and wellness are now gaining more and more attention from consumers all over the world. For this reason, sugar-free tea has been developed and become one of the trendiest beverages. Sugar-free oolong tea, with traditional oolong tea as the main ingredient, is introduced and has great appeal due to its delightful taste and potential health effects. Let’s find out interesting information about sugar-free oolong tea in this article. 

What is oolong tea?

Neither black tea nor green tea, oolong tea is a special type of tea, which originated in China. The name Oolong tea (Wu Long tea) comes from two words meaning black and dragon, describing the shape of oolong tea similar to the curling body of a mythical dragon. Till now, oolong tea has been widely produced and consumed all over the world, popular in our daily life. 

General information about oolong tea

Despite being made from the leaves of green tea and black tea named the Camellia sinensis plant, oolong tea has some differences in appearance, taste, and flavor. Oolong tea is partially oxidized, while black tea is fully oxidized and green tea does not go through this process. Therefore, oolong tea falls somewhere in between black tea and green tea, which is reflected in both color and taste.

Oolong tea has a characteristic round shape which is rolled into tight balls. Its color appearance and brewed tea can range from light green to dark brown due to the oxidation levels. Oolong tea is noted for having a sweet, fruity flavor and honey aroma, however, some types taste strong and fruity with roasted scents, or also green and fresh with floral notes. Generally, made from high-grown tea plants, oolong tea gives a premium taste with a delicate flavor and aroma that may attract drinkers from the first sip. 

sugar-free oolong tea - oolong tea
                                                                    Oolong tea

The production process of oolong tea

Step 1: Harvesting

The best way to select the freshest tea buds is hand-picked. 3-5 first leaves and the bud are ideal materials for oolong tea. It will be carefully plucked by hand and transferred immediately to the factory.

Step 2: Withering

Fresh tea leaves are withered under sunlight and use a black net to prevent direct light. Then move the leaves to a cooling room and shake gently every 3 hours. This step is to reduce the moisture content and soften tea leaves.

sugar-free oolong tea - withering
                                                           Withering tea leaves

Step 3: Rotation

Tea leaves are put in a spinning barrel and rotated 15-20 times to break down the tea leaf’s cells. This step will allow the cellular fluid to spill over tea buds, expose to oxygen in the air, and facilitate rapid oxidation. It also creates the aroma of oolong tea.

Step 4: Fermentation

Spread and place tea leaves in the fermentation room at a temperature of 18-20°C. Let the leaves be oxidized for 1-2 hours without touching or stirring. This is the stage that determines the main flavor and color of the oolong tea.

Step 5: Roasting

Once the tea reaches the desired level of fermentation, roasting them at high temperature is to deactivate enzymes and stop the oxidation process. This step makes tea light green and imparts a wonderful aromatic flavor for the final Vietnamese oolong tea.

Step 6: Rolling

Using the rotational force of a specialized machine to rub the leaves, causing the essence of the tea to penetrate the surface of the tea leaves. It makes the tea leaves soft and becomes easier to shape in the next step. 

sugar-free oolong tea - rolling
                                        Rolling process in making oolong tea

Step 7: Shaping

Tea leaves are tightly packed in cloth sacks and put in a rolling machine for about 5 hours. It will be pressed, heated, and rolled in a circular motion. At this step, the tea becomes round, tight, and dry but still soft. 

Step 8: Drying

This step reduces the water content, stabilizes the substances in the tea, and helps the flavor of oolong tea to be rich and long-lasting. Drying oolong tea 3 times at 100-105°C, a total time of 3-4 hours until the tea reaches the desired moisture levels.

Step 9: Sorting and packaging

Oolong tea is sorted and divided into different types based on its size and color. Then they will be packed in vacuum bags or PP/PE bags according to the specifications and requirements of the market.

What is sugar-free oolong tea?

Sugar-free oolong tea is a ready-to-drink tea that is made from high-quality oolong tea according to a unique method. The special characteristic of the tea is that there is no sugar used during the making process. This significantly reduces the calorie content of the tea, making it ideal for those who are on a low-calorie diet. Free of sugar, artificial flavors, color, and other additives, sugar-free oolong tea is among the most healthy herbal teas for our daily life.

The outstanding taste of sugar-free oolong tea is the natural and original taste of oolong tea. It offers a myriad of flavor which is bright, strong, and has a rich, buttery body along with a sweet aftertaste lingering on your palate. Not acrid as green tea, sugar-free oolong tea tastes more robust and fruity of the fermentation process, combined with a floral aroma. Without sugar, this herbal tea still has a slight sweetness due to the natural compounds in tea leaves. Therefore, sugar-free oolong tea is such a delicious and healthy alternative that could replace other sweet tea or soft drinks.

what is sugar-free oolong tea
                                No sugar is used during the making process

How does sugar-free oolong tea benefit?

Traditional oolong tea has been popular for its various nutrients and benefits for human health. As a healthier version, sugar-free oolong tea is packed with several vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants which are essential for good health. This herbal tea is a perfect choice for those who are suffering from certain health conditions caused by consuming too much sugar. Moreover, it is also beneficial for your heart and cognitive function. 

Lower the risk of diabetes

Sugar-free oolong tea is ideal for diabetes reduction due to its zero sugar intake, which can significantly lower sugar levels in the blood. It is proven that polyphenols in oolong tea are also effective in reducing blood sugar levels. Research shows that oolong tea can help ease insulin resistance, thereby lowering the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Protect heart health

Several scientific pieces of evidence show that oolong tea can efficiently protect heart health due to its rich source of antioxidants. Polyphenols, powerful antioxidants in oolong tea, can decrease triglyceride, and high blood pressure, which are reasons for heart attack or stroke. Sugar-free oolong tea contributes to lower cholesterol levels, preventing the risk of heart disease. 

Improve cognitive function

With an abundant source of an amino acid called L-theanine, sugar-free oolong tea has the potential to promote brain function and mental health. L-theanine aids to relieve stress and anxiety, improve better sleep quality, and benefit mood. Besides, caffeine in oolong tea helps temporarily boost alertness, attention, and concentration. 

Support weight management

Sugar-free oolong tea is believed to be helpful in weight loss and obesity prevention. The combination of caffeine and polyphenols may boost metabolism by increasing specific enzyme inhibition and thereby promoting the fat-burning process. It also helps reduce body fat, especially belly fat if consumed regularly. 

sugar-free oolong tea benefit
                            Oolong tea contains a rich source of antioxidants

Why should you buy sugar-free oolong tea at FGC?

If you are looking for a reputable supplier of Sugar-free Oolong Tea, you can consider our company, Future Generation Co., Ltd. With more than 26 years of experience in producing tea and beverages, FGC is committed to providing exclusive offers for international clients.

Advanced technology and professional R&D department

FGC owns advanced technology factories with imported machines from Europe, typically TetraPak Aseptic Line and PET Hot-Fill Line. Our production meets international quality certifications such as ISO, HACCP, KOSHER, HALAL, etc. FGC has built a professional R&D department to research and develop many different beverage recipes that are trending and suitable for consumers’ needs. FGC creates optimal drink formulas to improve quality and save the cost of production.

Large production capacity 

With cutting-edge machine lines including TetraPak Aseptic and PET hot-fill technology, we ensure a high and stable capacity (>40,000 liter/hour). FGC has vast tea farms in our factory along with diverse material sources that can ensure a stable and continuous beverage production process to provide for domestic consumption and export markets. Thanks to that, we can complete many large quantity orders, as well as guarantee the accuracy of delivery time.

Private Label Service

We offer you many services in a Private Label package, including sourcing, researching & developing, processing, blending, and packaging, etc. We offer clients numerous types of custom packaging such as Tetra Pak cartons, PET bottles, and slim cans, all of which are high-quality, trendy, and perfect to protect the flavor and quality of Sugar-free Oolong Tea. Undoubtedly, the Private Label Service from FGC is an economical solution for your business.

sugar-free oolong tea from FGC
                                              Sugar-free oolong tea from FGC

For more information about these services, contact our support team via to be consulted.


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