Do chamomile and honey tea have caffeine? What you should consider?

chamomile honey tea caffeine

Caffeine content is a common concern of many people when choosing a beverage. So, do chamomile and honey tea have caffeine? Let’s figure it out in this article. 


Chamomile and honey tea is a popular drink that is enjoyed all over the world. Its pleasant taste, along with antioxidant properties, make it not only a healthy but also delicious drink to consume and relax. In this article, FGC will give you more information about its caffeine content and its sleep improvement benefit. 

Do chamomile and honey tea have caffeine?

Generally, chamomile and honey tea can be non-caffeinated or caffeinated, depending on the ingredients. The main ingredients in this beverage include honey, chamomile, and tea leaves. On the one hand, if your chamomile and honey tea is only a combination of chamomile flowers and honey, this herbal tea is caffeine free. The flower heads of the chamomile plant are used to make chamomile infusions. This kind of tea technically does not include Camellia sinensis, tea plant. Therefore, this herbal tea blend naturally contains no caffeine, making it great news if you need to control and reduce your caffeine intake. 

On the other hand, when added tea leaves, chamomile tea becomes caffeinated. The amount of caffeine in tea can vary based on the origin, production, and processing methods. Among the tea varieties, black tea has much more caffeine than green or white tea. According to personal taste, you can choose and adjust the caffeine content. Black tea typically contains 47-90 mg of caffeine every 237 ml cup, while green tea delivers 20-45 mg. So, do chamomile and honey tea have caffeine? It depends on the ingredients that you add to your beverage. 

do chamomile honey tea have caffeine
Chamomile and honey tea can be non-caffeinated or caffeinated

How do chamomile and honey tea improve your sleep?

Do you get the answers to the questions “Do chamomile and honey tea have caffeine”? Typically, chamomile tea, as a herbal tea with no caffeine, is more popular, which means it does not contain tea leaves. This kind of tea is well known for its relaxing properties and has been used to enhance sleep quality for thousands of years. According to some studies, chamomile tea’s high apigenin content may contribute to its ability to induce sleepiness and lessen sleep problems by interacting with brain GABA receptors. As a result, many people choose chamomile and honey tea to fight poor sleep instead of anti-anxiety drugs.  

The sleep quality improvement of chamomile and honey tea has been proven through some research. In a study, in comparison with a group of postpartum women who did not consume chamomile tea, those who did for two weeks experienced better sleep quality. Additionally, they reported fewer depression symptoms, which are frequently related to sleep issues. In another research, participants who took 270 mg of chamomile twice a day for 28 days experienced ⅓ fewer nighttime awakenings and slept 15 minutes more quickly than those who did not. 

Besides, this chamomile and honey tea has a floral flavor and apple-like sweet taste. Combined with its mildly sedative effects, this drink is a healthy and tasty alternative to other medicines which help you sleep. The distinctive aroma of chamomile flowers also helps calm you down and relax your brain. 

Chamomile honey tea is good for sleep
Chamomile honey tea is good for sleep

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When is the best time to drink chamomile and honey tea?

Chamomile and honey tea has numerous health benefits, including sleep quality enhancement and anxiety reduction. For those not contraindicated by allergies, pregnancy, or other medical issues, it is safe to consume 1-2 cups of chamomile and honey tea at any time during the day. However, thanks to its sedative effects, the best time to enjoy chamomile and honey tea is at night, especially before bed. Consuming it between 30 and 45 minutes before bedtime is reported to give your body enough time to process the tea and bring the best sleep-inducing effects. 

Drinking chamomile and honey tea regularly at night also creates a good habit. You may signal the mind and body to calm down to prepare for sleep. It is noticeable that chamomile and honey tea needs time to have effects on the body. Therefore, to get a healthy sleep schedule, it is essential to avoid using computers, smartphones, and televisions as much as possible during this period. As typical chamomile tea does not contain caffeine, it will not cause addiction like the one with true tea leaves. 

best time to drink chamomile honey tea
It is ideal to drink chamomile honey tea before bed

Where to buy chamomile and honey tea?

If you are looking for a prestigious supplier of chamomile and honey tea, Future Generation Co., Ltd is a good choice. With more than 26 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, FGC is currently the leading Vietnamese tea provider. Our Private Label Services are available for every client and are a perfect commercial solution, especially for small and medium enterprises.  

Unique formulas

Our professional R&D team is always available to assist in developing unique formulas. Depending on your requirements, whether you want caffeinated or caffeine-free chamomile and honey tea, our team will support you to create your tea recipes. We have all the stable resources to develop recipes and produce your tea products. All the ingredients have clear origins and international certifications such as ISO, HALAL, HACCP, and KOSHER to ensure the quality. 

Cutting-edge technology

FGC now has 15 tea factories across the nation with cutting-edge machine lines. Our factories focus on tea and ingredients plantation, manufacturing, processing, and packaging. Our production lines include Tetra Pak Aseptic, PET Hotfill, and CAN Hotfill Technology, with a high and stable capacity. Besides, FGC constantly updates more modern and latest machines and technologies to increase the production capacity as well as the quality of the tea products. 

FGC’s cutting-edge technology
FGC’s cutting-edge technology

Diverse packaging

Coming to FGC, you will be offered a wide range of packaging types which are trendy, easy to transport, and perfect to protect the tea. We are providing Tetra Pak cartons, PET bottles, and slim cans with different volumes. All of them are freely designed based on your needs and requirements. 


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