Pennywort juice calories: Does pennywort juice help to lose weight?

pennywort juice calories

Pennywort is considered a traditional herb that brings various health benefits. Pennywort juice calories are not too high but to lose weight effectively, you need to know how to use pennywort juice properly.


Nowadays, more and more consumers are on a healthy and balanced diet. This leads to their concerns about calorie content in food and drink, including pennywort juice calories. Pennywort juice is well-known for its amazing benefits for human health, especially detoxing the body. So what are pennywort juice calories? Can it help to lose weight?

What are calories?

A calorie is a unit to calculate the energy that food and beverage bring to the body. Calories are essential for human health because your body needs energy to keep itself alive and the organ functioning normally. People need to eat and drink to get calories from food and drinks, which provide enough energy for daily activities. 

Balancing calories in and out of your body is an important part of a healthy diet. Too low or too-high calorie consumption will eventually lead to health problems. If you consume more energy than you use up, the body will store the excess as body fat, which can lead to weight gain over time. This is the reason why the calorie content in food and drink is a big concern. Similarly, more and more consumers are paying attention to pennywort juice calories. 

Pennywort juice calories

Pennywort is a food that is widely used to lose weight. Pennywort contains several vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B1, B2, and B3, calcium, zinc, and magnesium. So what are the pennywort juice calories?

According to nutritionists, the calorie content in pennywort juice is determined by the processing method. In 100g fresh pennywort, there are about 40 calories. This makes it an ideal food for those who are trying to lose weight. When using it to make pennywort juice, the calorie content will be higher, depending on the amount of pennywort in the juice. Normally, pennywort juice calories are in the range of 120-140, with 100ml juice. 

pennywort juice calories
                                        Pennywort juice has 120-140 calories

More information about pennywort drink:

What is pennywort drink? An ideal drink for a healthy lifestyle

Pennywort green bean drink calories

Green beans fulfill the taste and add many nutrients to pennywort drinks, making them more delicious and attractive than normal pennywort juice. Not only that, the drinks are supposed to have the ability to purify the body. The calorie content in 100 ml pennywort green beans drinks is about 150 calories, according to research by nutritionists. 

However, pennywort juice calories depend on the ingredients that it is made from. If using condensed milk, coconut milk, etc., in pennywort drinks, the calorie content will increase significantly. For example, there are 100 calories in 100ml coconut milk, so a cup of pennywort juice with green beans and coconut milk may have 320 calories. 

Pennywort green bean drink calories
                              Pennywort juice calories depend on the ingredients

Does a pennywort drink help lose weight?

As mentioned before, pennywort juice calories are 120-140, which is not too high to cause obesity. Pennywort drinks can help to lose weight due to their beneficial compounds. A large amount of vitamins B, C, and K in pennywort can reduce food cravings and thereby lower your calorie intake. Pennywort also promotes digestion, helping to metabolize fat, and detoxify the liver. In addition, pennywort juice may stabilize the lipid in the blood, reduce cholesterol, and indirectly support weight loss for people with obesity.

That’s why many people use it when losing weight. However, whether drinking pennywort juice will help you lose weight or not depends on the way you use it. Pennywort juice can be ideal, but pennywort juice with so many ingredients such as condensed milk, and coconut milk,… will be high in calories, you must consider.

pennywort juice calories - lose weight
  Pennywort drinks can help to lose weight due to their beneficial compounds

How to lose weight with pennywort juice?

Not only a nutritious drink but pennywort juice can also be ideal to lose weight. However, you need to control the pennywort juice calories and use them properly. To lose weight effectively with pennywort juice, you should pay attention to the following issues: 

  • Reduce the amount of sugar and other high-calorie ingredients. 
  • Choose clean and organic pennywort to avoid infection.
  • Drink 1-2 cups of pennywort juice per day, do not use it instead of water.
  • Do not take pennywort juice continuously for a long time.
  • Do not abuse pennywort to lose weight, only use 1 cup of pennywort juice per day (about 40g of pennywort).


If you are looking for a drink for your healthy diet, pennywort juice can be a good choice. Pennywort juice calories make it an ideal drink to balance the calories the body absorbs and burns. However, you should consider using it properly if you want to lose weight. 


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