Rose tea calories: Does rose tea help with weight loss?

rose tea calories

If you are curious about rose tea calories, this article will provide you with a lot of helpful information about this herbal tea. Let’s consider adding rose to our daily routine, its amazing effects will not disappoint you. 


The calorie content in every beverage is a big concern for those who are trying to maintain or lose weight. While unsweetened drinks still contain a certain amount of calories, tea is considered a better solution. Many believed that green tea, black tea, oolong tea, etc., are effective in weight management due to their low-calorie content. Because the tea only contains a microscopic amount of carbs. Rose tea is also widely used to lose weight. So how about rose tea calories?

Rose tea calories

Rose tea is made from the flowers and buds of the Rosaceae plant. It is among the best and healthiest herbal teas for the human body. Having a distinctive flavor and floral fragrance, rose tea has become more and more familiar in our daily life. It is not only delicious but also has great potential to cleanse and detoxify the body. This herbal tea works as a weight loss supporter due to the rose tea calories. 

Despite not being made from Camellia sinensis like green tea and black tea, rose tea still has an insignificant calorie value. This herbal tea is natural and organic and does not contain any sugar, fat, or carbohydrates. For that reason, rose tea even has no calories at all, if made without added sweeteners or milk. It is considered a typical example of non-calorie tea, which is perfect for those who are in control of their calorie intake. 

rose tea calories (1)
                                Rose tea is a typical example of non-calorie tea

Rose tea calories support weight loss

How can rose tea support weight loss? Primarily, non-calorie rose tea will not affect the calorie intake, helping to avoid weight gain due to excess calories. It also improves the efficient activity of the body system and boosts metabolism and digestion to burn fat. Therefore, rose tea is one of the best herbal teas that provide several health benefits and aid in weight management. 

Control hunger

Rose tea is considered a healthy caffeine-free alternative to the habit of drinking green tea and coffee every morning. Drinking rose tea before meals will make you feel full for a long time and control hunger. It also helps you fight food cravings, thereby preventing overeating food that causes excess calories and weight gain.

Improve digestion

As a good digestive system is key to losing weight efficiently, drinking rose tea can help with weight loss. It creates an environment for good bacteria to grow in the intestinal tract, contributing to the digestion of food and reducing constipation. Rose tea r calories also increases beneficial enzymes that improve metabolism and energy dissemination, reducing fat accumulation.

Help eliminate toxins

Rose tea has the ability to prevent urinary tract infections due to its detoxifying, cleansing, and diuretic properties. Once the residues and toxins are removed, it becomes easier for the body to burn fat and control a healthy weight. Besides, detoxifying helps balance hormones inside and keeps hunger under control.

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                                        Rose tea is a healthy caffeine-free tea

Fight inflammation

Many studies proved that inflammation is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. Thus, controlling inflammation will accelerate weight loss. Rose tea not only has antioxidant properties but also has anti-inflammatory effects, which are beneficial for weight control and the management of diseases that cause weight gain. This is also due to rose tea calories. 

Boost immunity

To lose weight in a healthy way, it is important that the body needs to be free of disease. When the body is healthy, the organs work efficiently, it is a perfect condition to increase metabolism and increase exercise performance. Rose tea is rich in vitamin C which helps fight infections, supports immunity and thereby boosts the weight loss process. 

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The effective way to lose weight with rose tea

When to use rose tea to achieve the best effect? In fact, you can feel free to add it to your daily diet when the rose tea calories are zero. However, drinking tea needs to follow certain rules to be able to fully absorb nutrients. Normally, the following times would be best to sip a cup of tea made from roses:

The best time to drink rose tea

In the morning: Drinking rose tea in the morning will help clean the digestive tract and improve blood circulation in the body. Thus, it helps to purify the body, promote fat burning, and refresh the mind to start a new day.

After meals: The time after meals is good to have a cup of rose tea. This tea will reduce fat absorption, increase the number of nutrients in the body and stimulate the digestive system to process more smoothly and effectively.

After exercise: Exercising makes the body lose water, so you need to replenish water for the body. A cup of rose tea will reduce the feeling of muscle fatigue when exercising too hard and replenish water without increasing calorie intake.

When stressed: Fatigue and stress due to work pressure can impair mental and body functions. Consuming herbal tea made from roses will help you feel relaxed, dispel fatigue, and thereby support weight loss. 

How to make rose tea

  • Boil filtered water and use it to warm up the teapot by swirling water around the pot. Then remove the water.
  • Add dried rose petals or buds to the teapot, pour hot water, and cover the teapot. Let rose tea steep for 5-10 minutes 
  • Strain and discard the roses. Pour rose tea into a teacup and serve. The tea is good both warm and iced. 
rose tea calories (3)
                             Consuming herbal tea made from roses helps relax

Ready-to-drink rose tea from Future Generation Company

If you don’t have enough time to prepare by yourself or you want a convenient solution, ready-to-drink rose tea is a great idea. Made from natural ingredients, this herbal tea is organic and high-quality due to a strictly controlled production process. Our company, Future Generation Co., Ltd (FGC) ensures that we can provide customers with the best quality products, a stable supply, and dedicated consultants.

Made from natural rose flowers

FGC has a wide range of rose sources in Vietnam and other countries to produce rose tea from real flowers. Roses are grown and harvested according to a professional process so that they are of premium quality and completely safe for human health. Thanks to that, FGC’s rose tea has the natural and delicate flavor of rose flowers along with a pleasant floral aroma. 

Well-controlled quality

At FGC, we strictly control our rose tea products in the supply chain from the farm to the finishing products. Because no sweeteners or additives are used in the production, our rose tea has no adverse effects on health. Currently, the FGC factory is equipped with modern production lines and operates in compliance with ISO and HACCP standards. Our products ensure safety and hygiene for consumers around the world.

Various packaging and free label design

We are proud to be the leading company that always provides a full range of services to our customers from logo designs to the development of new products. FGC offers various packaging options for ready-to-drink rose tea such as Tetra Pak cartons, PET bottles, and slim CAN. We also assist you in creating a unique rose tea formula to go with your brand. Our service is suitable for every enterprise, especially small and medium ones.

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                                        Ready-to-drink rose tea from FGC


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