What you should know about jasmine tea brewing time?

jasmine tea brewing time

Jasmine tea is well-known for its light and subtle aroma, which can help us unwind and relax. However, what is the jasmine tea brewing time to bring the best taste?


Jasmine is one of the most favored scented tea and has been popular worldwide. The subtle flavor profile and pleasant flowery scent of jasmine tea require careful infusion to maintain the taste. In this article, FGC will provide helpful information about jasmine tea brewing time, temperature, instructions as well as some tips. 

Jasmine tea brewing time

Generally, for a mug of jasmine tea, you will need about 2-5 grams of raw ingredients. The amount of jasmine tea can be adjusted according to your personal taste and the intensity of the tea leaves. Jasmine tea brewing time is the most challenging part because it depends on the types and amount of ingredients. Young jasmine tea buds usually take significantly longer to release flavor than crushed ones in a tea bag. 

To make a perfect cup of jasmine tea, brewing time is crucial as it determines the flavor and aroma of the tea. Jasmine tea is ready in just a few minutes. With loose-leaf teas that are whole-leaf or buds or even tea bags, the ideal time is about 2-4 minutes. Start with a 2-minute steeping time and then sip the tea at 30-second intervals to get the best taste. If you let the tea steep for too long, jasmine tea will end up bitter. 

what is jasmine tea brewing time
The ideal time for jasmine tea is about 2-4 minutes

Jasmine tea brewing temperature

In addition to jasmine tea brewing time, using water at the proper temperature is essential when steeping tea, as jasmine tea is quite sensitive to water temperature. Too hot water might burn the tea leaves, making them bitter or astringent, while too cold water could result in a bland and weak taste. Moreover, the caffeine content in jasmine tea might also be varied according to the water temperature. 

In most cases, jasmine tea is made from green tea or white tea. Therefore, water with a lower temperature of 80-85ºC (175 – 185 ºF) is ideal. It will bring the greatest results and enhance the natural sweetness of jasmine tea. For other types of jasmine tea with a black tea base, the temperature can be a little higher. However, it can also be adjusted based on your personal preferences. 

jasmine tea brewing temperature
Water with a lower temperature of 80-85ºC (175 – 185 ºF) is ideal

Jasmine tea brewing time instruction

Jasmine tea has a light taste and natural sweet-scented aroma, which can help you relax. The specific jasmine tea-making process is as followed:

Step 1: Prepare the jasmine tea

The aroma and flavor of jasmine tea partly depend on the quality of the tea leaves. Tea bags frequently include broken leaves and leaf fragments, typically reducing the tea’s essential oil content and smell while increasing bitterness and astringency. Meanwhile, loose-leaf tea brewed will bring a lighter and more pleasant flavor and aroma. 

Step 2: Prepare the water

As mentioned above, water also plays an important role in bringing delightful jasmine tea. Spring or fresh, pure filtered water is the best choice to enhance the jasmine tea aroma. Tap or chlorinated water, on the other hand, might make your tea more bitter. After having the suitable water, boil it until the temperature reaches about 80-85ºC. 

Step 3: Steep the jasmine tea

Before adding the tea, use the boiled water to warm the teapot. Put one teaspoon of loose-leaf jasmine tea in the infuser. The proper amount for one teaspoon of tea is 6 ounces of water. Too many jasmine tea leaves can make your drink bitter, so it is better to try with a small portion and adjust it to suit your taste. The infuser is unnecessary when using tea bags, just add a tea bag to the hot water. 

Jasmine tea brewing time is about 2-4 minutes, as mentioned above. Pour the tea liquor into a cup and enjoy. Besides, you can add some lemon juice to enhance its flavor. 

jasmine tea instructions
Jasmine tea has a light taste and natural sweet-scented aroma, which can help you relax

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Tips for the best jasmine tea brewing time

Control the temperature

Using an electric kettle with temperature control is the best way to manage the water temperature and get the correct one. However, if you do not have a kettle like this or any thermometer measurements, just simply let the boiling water rest for a minute. After that, you can pour it into jasmine tea leaves. When steeping the tea, cover it to keep all the heat. 


Loose-leaf jasmine tea should be kept in an airtight container to maintain the best quality. It should be away from light, humidity, and heat. Regarding brewed jasmine tea, you can enjoy it cold or hot. The best place to store brewed tea is the refrigerator. It can be covered and kept in the fridge for up to 4 days.

Enjoying jasmine tea

Typically, jasmine tea is consumed at 55ºC (130 ºF) to get the best flavor. After the tea liquor has cooled to the expected temperature, take a small sip and let it stay in your mouth for a full taste. This way of drinking allows you to enjoy the natural sweetness and subtle aroma. 

tips for best jasmine tea
Jasmine tea enjoyed at 55ºC will bring natural sweetness and subtle aroma


Do you get the proper jasmine tea brewing time? Follow the instructions to get the delicate flavor and sweet-scented aroma of jasmine tea. The floral flavors, fresh finish along with the fragrant aroma will provoke your senses. 

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